Soldiers Empty Casket: Wisconsin Soldiers In Hot Water Over Photo

Soldiers Empty Casket: Wisconsin Soldiers In Hot Water Over Photo

By Sarah Parrott February 19, 2014

Many people in the United States take their country’s military very seriously, and hold high expectations and respect for the soldiers who populate it. So, when something is deemed disrespectful to soldiers, the armed forces, or veterans, there are often …

Boston Bomber Photographer Lashes Out Against Rolling Stone Boston Bomber Photographer Lashes Out Against Rolling Stone


Like many people, the Boston Police staff photographer who was on the scene for the capture of the alleged Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was a bit put off by Rolling Stone’s latest attempt at relevancy. The magazine‚Äôs cover story, …

Google Street View Image is a Real Pisser, Man Sues Google Street View Image is a Real Pisser, Man Sues

A Google Street View photo has made a man in France the joke of his village after he was caught urinating in his garden. While the picture was blurred, the man came from a very small town located in the …

Man Doesn’t Like Facebook Photo Tags, Sues Man Doesn’t Like Facebook Photo Tags, Sues

Minneapolis resident Aaron Olson really didn’t like the photos his uncle Randall posted on his Facebook Timeline. So, he sued for harrassment. Then lost. Then tried for an appeal. And lost again. Randall Labrie posted reportedly embarrassing photos of Olson …

Oakland PD Using Flickr Photos To Identify Looters

I saw an article on the the San Francisco Chronicle web site today entitled “Oakland Police Looking for Looting Suspects.” The article reports on the Oakland Police Department’s latest efforts to prosecute looters who participated in last week’s Johannes Merserle protest that turned violent with rioting and looting taking place after dark. Oakland PD has now released a number of photos of alleged looters from that evening’s protest.

Mark Zuckerberg Is Hesitant Going Fully ‘Public’ With His Facebook Profile

Mark Zuckerberg and I aren’t Facebook friends. That’s cool; I don’t know him. Until recently, all I could see of his profile was his picture, networks and friend list. But this morning, either the Facebook CEO had decided that’s what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, or even he didn’t know what the new privacy settings changed.

Flickr Just Now Allowing Connectivity With Twitter

VentureBeat reports that Flickr is finally enabling its users to tweet their photos on the service.

What took them so long? Flickr now has a built-in feature that lets members tweet their photos. “You can upload directly to Flickr and Twitter simultaneously, or tweet a photo already on Flickr, using a special short Flic.kr URL,” says the company’s FAQ. It also explains how to post photos from your phone, and how to tweet from Flickr.

The Art Of Making Yourself Look Better Online

There is no hotel on Santorini that doesn’t look amazing in the photos on their website. They all show rooms with white washed walls and clear blue exteriors. Glasses of wine on tables overlooking amazing sunsets. Beauty products are the same online, promising supermodel style complexions with no wrinkles in sight. Flickr is full of photos that are "tweaked" in some way to slightly increase their beauty, and the tricks that used to be only in the realm of tabloid photo editors are now available to us all.

Picasa Web Albums Get Lock Option

Google added an option to their photo gallery app Picasa Web Albums offering you to lock albums. The option is named “Sign-in required to view,” meaning only people you share the album with are meant to access it, after signing in with their Google account.

SmugMug Taps Amazon For SmugVault Storage

Image sharing site SmugMug opened a new service to handle the storage of larger image formats, as well as any other files their users wish to store.