LinkedIn #1 Social Network, Says Report

LinkedIn #1 Social Network, Says Report

By Abby Johnson July 5, 2011 | 5 Comments

A recent study from marketing agency Performics revealed that 59 percent of social networkers found LinkedIn to be their most important social network. The survey was conducted by ROI Research and looked at nearly 3,000 people that actively use social networks.

Google Changes Its Mind About Money-Back SEO

Business makes strange bedfellows. Just in time for the FTC to approve Google’s acquisition of DoubleClick, and with it an SEO firm called Performics, the company has changed its tune a bit about how to deal with SEO companies.

For the longest time, Google advised webmasters to be wary of SEO companies, and put up this warning at the Webmaster Help Center:

Google’s Gray Areas Get Shadier

Google has projected an image of corporate spotlessness over the years that is becoming increasingly, well, spotted. The company has grown up, you could say, and has lost much of its innocence down the pockets of shareholders, while its idealistic founders pursue more amusing things than evil, or its lesser cousins.

SES Chicago: Sitemaps Discussed
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Webmasters can face a number of issues, and may hope that sitemaps can cure the bulk of them. 

So a panel at SES Chicago weighed sitemaps’ pros and cons.

Gearing up for Holiday Sales

Have you heard of “Cyber Monday”? Boomers are a driving force in comparison shopping engines.

Why is this important? How is social media marketing an essential tool behind holiday gift buying? What type of revenue increase are e-commerce engines estimating within the holiday season? Some interesting questions not to say the least and valuable information for any e commerce owner. I have put together some interesting marketing charts and trend analysis for your viewing pleasure.

Consumers Look Online For Auto Purchase

In the final decision making process of buying an automobile, over half of consumers (53%) use the Internet as their main source for finding information about a vehicle they will purchase according to a DoubleClick Performics survey.

Online Shoppers Loyalty

DoubleClick Performics has released the results of their Consumer Loyalty Survey, which examined what factors determine loyalty to an online retailer.

"When it comes to loyalty and rewards programs, this research shows consumers often seek the best value," said Stuart Frankel, president of DoubleClick Performics.

 "Seven out of ten consumers shop multiple Web sites before making an online purchase to find the site offering the best deal."

Google and Performics

Google is treading in dangerous waters right now. The prolific company will inherit its own search engine optimization (SEO) company called Performics after purchasing the online advertising giant DoubleClick on April 13th (takeover due to complete at the end of the year) and so far there is no sure indication of the company’s future.

Performics: Another Part Of The DoubleClick Deal

Google wants to buy DoubleClick, which owns Performics. Pending government approval of the deal, Google’s ownership of a large SEO firm with prominent brand-name clients has created some buzz.

SEM Sales Route Proves Profitable

Year over year sales picked up with search engine marketing jumped 70 percent in the first quarter of 2006.

DoubleClick Indexing Search Engine Marketing Campaigns

The company has unveiled the Performics 50 index to reflect overall activity of of the search market.

DoubleClick Buys Search Engine Marketer Performics

Internet-based ad company DoubleClick has announced its intended purchase of Performics, a search engine marketing company. The deal is expected to be worth $65 million with DoubleClick paying $58 million in cash. The remaining $7 million will come from future earnings.