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Google Reduces Restictions on Google Checkout

Google has made a change to its content restrictions for Google Checkout. Google Checkout now allows the sale of real estate rentals, timeshares, and day sight-seeing tours.

Google Affiliate Network Publishers Get Paid Through AdSense
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Google announced that Google Affiliate Network publisher payments will now be made through AdSense starting today. Google says this will offer publishers a wider range of payment options.

"Publishers can also manage their payment information in new ways and enjoy consolidated payments from Google if they use other Google products," says Product Manager Sheila Parker.

The primary user of a Google Affiliate Network publisher account will see an account notification asking them to create an AdSense account or link to an existing account.

Rumors Suggest Apple May Compete with PayPal
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Reports have "Wall Street Gossips" talking about Apple working on a "PayPal killer". This would be in the form of the iTunes store turning into a payment system.

There’s no telling how much truth there is to these rumors, but the world is going to need some more options when PayPal goes down, as it did last night, causing quite a stir across the web. PayPal apologized for this by way of the PayPal blog. SVP, Technology Scott Guilfoyle wrote:

Google Wants to Pay AdSense Publishers Faster
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Google has taken an opportunity to remind North American AdSense publishers that the fastest way to receive payments is through Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).

"We want to get you paid by the fastest means possible," says Elizabeth Ferdon of the AdSense Payments Team.

Integrate PayPal With Your Own Apps

PayPal announced that it is opening an API to developers to allow them to embed PayPal’s payment system into their own apps and platforms. The company, a subsidiary of eBay, says this is the first global payment platform to open to third-party developers.

Why PayPal is Holding Onto Some eBay Sellers’ Money
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PayPal requires reserves for a percentage of sellers. That percentage is less than 1% according to the company. PayPal likens the reserves to a security deposit to cover future chargebacks and reversals.

Since PayPal began this practice, they have had a lot of questions about it from sellers, and hoping to clear up some confusion, Bill Clark, an analyst with PayPal’s risk team offered the following explanation on the PayPal Blog:

Facebook Begins Testing Payments System
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Facebook will reportedly begin testing a payments system in the coming weeks. This will start with a few developers, exploring ways for users to use Facebook credits with third-party apps on Facebook.

Google AdWords Gets a New Payment Option

Google has introduced a new feature for AdWords called "Make a Payment," which allows users to initiate a credit card payment for any amount they want, when it’s convenient for them. The feature allows for overpaying to cover future costs as well.

Amazon Flexes Payments Service Beta

This latest addition to an infrastructure lineup of S3 and EC2 (data storage/transfer and distributed computing, respectively) enhances Amazon’s strength as a powerful destination for developers.

A Resolution Regarding Google’s Bounced Check

It took a long time for Debi Jones to receive her payment from Google AdSense, and when the check finally arrived, it bounced (according to a bank teller to whom Jones spoke).  This created a bit of a circus; Matt Cutts himself got involved.  And now the whole situation’s been resolved.

Google AdSense Writes Dishonored Check?

From time to time, I like to mention Google’s market cap (currently at $173 billion), but it’s especially relevant to this story.  After all, if even little old me has never bounced a check, how did search giant Google manage to do so?

Yahoo Checks Out PayPal For Payments
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Yahoo and eBay announced the Yahoo PayPal Checkout Program, which users of Yahoo Search will encounter as little blue shopping cart icons in the search results.

Tips on Accepting Website Payments

Accepting electronic payments is essential to an ebusiness. The UK is Europe’s largest ecommerce economy with 27.7 million UK having shopped online- and it is growing fast.

Accepting Payments Online Without a Merchant Account

Do you really need a merchant account?

Yahoo: Banking Today, Payments Tomorrow?
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If Yahoo Japan’s most recent attempt at starting a joint venture and taking a position in an online bank succeeds, it could be a testing ground for establishing an online payment service.

eBay May Not Accept Google Purchase

A sudden change in eBay’s payment policy has many wondering if this is a preemptive move in preparation of the rumored Google Purchase, which could offer some serious competition to PayPal. Conspiracy theories and lots of between the line eyeballing are rampant, even if eBay insists the changes are to enhance protection for buyers.

How to Receive Payments for Your Online Sales

Once you decide which products you are planning to sell on the Internet, and what type of web store you are going to use in order to display your products, next vital decision that you have to take is to figure out how your customers are going to pay you. Whatever you plan to sell online, accepting credit card transaction is a must! A full 90 percent of all online sales occur through credit card payments.

Should Google Payments Work With The Porn Industry?

Sam Sugar asks Google to allow the adult entertainment industry to use its upcoming transaction service, which he argues would bring stability and safety to the online porn industry, and give Google a huge edge over PayPal.

Guild Board Ejects Video Games Deal

The board of the Screen Actors Guild overruled its membership and rejected a recently approved contract.

How To Take Payments On Your Website

After my two-part article about selling things on your website, I had several people ask for more details on billing companies and shopping carts. So here goes.

Accepting Payments Online: Which System to Choose?

If you are selling goods or services, software or other stuff you need to arrange online payment mechanism for your customers.