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Square Is Glowing As New $100 Million In Funding Rolls In Square Is Glowing As New $100 Million In Funding Rolls In
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“We now have lots of glowing @Squares,” tweeted Twitter co-founder and Square CEO Jack Dorsey this week, attaching the above image. Square does have plenty to be glowing about, as the company has secured a new $100 million round of …

Are You Ready to Pay Retailers with Your Phone? Are You Ready to Pay Retailers with Your Phone?
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Retrevo has released the results of a study, looking at the buzz surrounding Google Wallet, NFC, and new ways to pay for products in-store with a mobile device. The study finds 79% of people aren’t ready to start using their …

PayPal Sues Google Following Google Wallet Launch PayPal Sues Google Following Google Wallet Launch
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Google unveiled Google Wallet yesterday, and it’s already gotten the company a lawsuit. It comes from PayPal, and names two Google executives – Osama Bedier and Stephanie Tilenius, both of which used to work at eBay, and worked on extensively …

Google Wallet Aims to Turn Your Phone Into a Wallet Google Wallet Aims to Turn Your Phone Into a Wallet
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Google announced Google Wallet today. It’s an app aimed at turning your phone into your wallet. That’s exactly how Google puts it. More specifically, it lets you store credit cards, coupons, loyalty, and gift cards on your phone. Google says …

PayPal Now an Option for Apps Using Facebook Credits PayPal Now an Option for Apps Using Facebook Credits

Facebook and PayPal announced today that Facebook app developers can now select PayPal as a payout option when they integrate Facebook Credits in their apps. This is huge news for e-commerce on Facebook, and should be ultimately for the success …

Square Card Case Unveiled Square Card Case Unveiled
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Square made a couple of big announcements today. The company, run by Twitter co-Founder Jack Dorsey, unveiled Square Card Case and Square Register. The former is being touted as “your friendly neighborhood way to pay.” The concept behind the Card …

PayPal Android App Gets Check Photo Snapping Feature PayPal Android App Gets Check Photo Snapping Feature
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PayPal updated its Android app this morning to version 2.8. The new version has some new features including the ability to add money from checks by snapping a photo of the check (U.S. only) and storing of the app on …

PayPal Buys Fig Card, Aims to Kill the Wallet PayPal Buys Fig Card, Aims to Kill the Wallet
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PayPal has acquired Fig Card in the latest move in the increasingly interesting mobile payments space. This comes just a week after the company acquired WHERE, for location-based deals. eBay and PayPal will not get left behind as competition grows …

Android Payments System Could Pit Google Against Groupon Android Payments System Could Pit Google Against Groupon
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Payments looks to be one of the most important battle fields on which the big tech companies are engaging. We’ve known for some time that Google would be getting into the NFC-based payment realm – in other words, you will …

Google Mobile Payment Service Tests Rumored
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The idea of waving your phone around to pay for something may come one step closer to widespread, in-the-U.S. reality this summer thanks to Google. Rumors indicate the search giant intends to test a mobile payment service in New York …

Foursquare Partners with American Express
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Foursquare and American Express have entered into a partnership that will see card users getting discounts at stores, restaurants, etc. via Foursquare. WebProNews recently exchanged a few tweets with Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley, following an article we posted questioning how …

Square Processing Over $1 Million a Day
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Square is now processing over a million dollars a day. Co-founder Jack Dorsey (who also co-founded Twitter) said as much on Twitter

That number should continue to grow pretty quickly as not only has the startup attracted a great deal of buzz, but last week it announced that it was eliminating its 15 cent transaction fee.

Google In-App Payments Coming in May

Google has a new in-app payments product in private beta. Current users of Jambool’s Social Gold found about the product, which will most likely be formally launched at this year’s Google I/O in May. Google acquired Jambool back in August.

Square Eliminates Transaction Fee, Calls it a Revolution
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Square, the mobile payments company co-founded by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, just announced that it is removing a 15¢ transaction fee on credit card payments – a move that is sure to capture merchants’ attention. The company says:

Now when you swipe a card with Square there is just one fee: 2.75%. What you see is what you pay.

Doxo Looks to Disrupt Payments Industry, Gets New $10 Million in Funding
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Doxo, a startup looking to overhaul the payments industry, has raised a new $10 million round of funding from new and existing investors like Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ Bezos Expeditions.

What Doxo does is enable consumers to securely receive, manage, store and now PAY their bills and other documents from multiple service providers from one place with one password, online. CEO Steve Shivers told WebProNews how he plans to disrupt the payments industry. He gave us four points:

PayPal Digital Goods Payment Product Released
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Today at eBay’s 2001 Analyst Day, PayPal announced the general availability of its digital goods solution, aptly called PayPal for Digital Goods. 

The product is designed for online publishers. "The solution makes paying for content online convenient and secure for consumers, a long-time challenge for all sorts of digital content providers," a PayPal representative tells WebProNews.

Is Facebook’s New “Buy with Friends” a Hint at Bigger Things to Come?

Facebook is all about friends, so it stands to reason that friends be the main facilitators of marketing through the social network. This is a sentiment driven home by Facebook’s new Sponsored Stories, as well as another new product they’re testing called "Buy With Friends". 

Will You Be Paying Restaurant Checks with iTunes This Year?

There has been no confirmation from Apple on this front, but word is that the next versions of the iPhone and iPad will include NFC (near field communication) technology, which means people will be able to use them to make payments out in the physical world (where the technology is supported – which will likely be a growing number of places). 

Bump CEO Talks Future Plans

Mobile app maker Bump Technologies has raised a $16m series B round of funding, led by Andreessen Horowitz, and including investments from Sequoia and others. Netscape founder Marc Andreessen will also be joining their board along with Greg McAdoo from Sequoia.

Will You Be Paying Restaurant Checks with Google This Year?

Google may launch a mobile payments service as early as this year, according to a report from Bloomberg BusinessWeek. This would be based upon NFC (near field communication) technology, which lets mobile device exchange data at close ranges. 

Now You Can Deposit Checks Into PayPal With Your iPhone
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Update: As far as availability, PayPal tells us, "Mobile Check Capture is currently available in the US only. The underlying technology that makes this possible is based on legislation passed by US Congress in 2004 as a result of the 9/11 attacks. The legislation, called "Check Clearing for the 21st Century," or "Check 21," gives US financial institutions the opportunity to clear checks using imaging technology rather than transporting the paper itself.