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Google Homepage Patent Gratuitous?
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In early 2004, Google’s lawyers didn’t have nearly enough to do.  A patent on the design of Google’s homepage (AKA its "[g]raphical user interface for a display screen of a communications terminal") that they applied for at that time was granted Tuesday.

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Microsoft Granted Motion to stay Word Injunction
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Update: The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has reportedly granted Microsoft’s motion to stay an injunction that would prohibit the software giant from selling Word. The injunction had an effective date of Oct. 10, but the motion to stay blocks the injunction until the appeal process is complete, according to The Microsoft Blog.

Bing Commercials Infringe on Patent?
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A set of product placement ads for Microsoft’s Bing ran during NBC’s The Philanthropist. The ads showed two of the characters from the actual show in scenes in which Bing was being used – clearly ads, but still integrated with the actual program.

Possible Google News Ranking Factors Revealed in Patent?
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A patent for "systems and methods for improving the ranking of news articles" was granted to Google yesterday. It was originally filed in 2003.

Google Patents Showing Link Info Before Click
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All the way back in 2003, Google filed a patent application for "Methods and systems for assisted network browsing. That patent has been granted this week. The patent abstract reads:

Is Yahoo Looking to Offer SEO Services?
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A patent application filed by Yahoo is causing a bit of a stir within the SEO community. The patent is for an "Automated System to Improve Search Engine Optimization on Web Pages." The abstract for the patent reads as follows:

Yahoo Looking to Revolutionize Fashion eCommerce?
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Bill Slawski at SEO By the Sea talked about a very interesting concept today regarding a social fashion search engine in which you would submit measurements and create a 3D model of your body to create a profile. You would then more easily be able to shop for clothes and shoes online based on a variety of variables.

Does Microsoft Want to Take Your Whole PC to the Cloud?
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Microsoft has filed a patent for a "Metered Pay-As-You-Go Computing Experience." The exact words of the filing’s abstract are as follows:

Microsoft Patents Live Audio Censoring

Microsoft filed a patent application several years ago for the censoring of real-time audio streams, and that patent has now been granted. In other words, Microsoft has patented live "bleeping". The patent abstract says:

Amazon’s Latest Patent
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Amazon has been awarded a patent for the concept behind its "Top Reviewers" program. The company apparently filed for this patent back in April of 2001. The abstract goes:

Could Google Be Looking to Dominate the Wireless Industry Next?

Google’s been giving a lot of thought to the future lately with all of its posts from experts in their respective fields on the Official Google Blog.

Does Microsoft Have Walls After All?
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Microsoft is just not having much luck with the publicity of their latest $300 million ad campaign. I’m sure you are well aware of the Seinfeld fiasco. In case you’re not, Microsoft kicked off this huge campaign with a pair of long and drawn out ads featuring Bill Gates and comedian Jerry Seinfeld.

Google Barges Into the Ocean
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Google’s quest for global domination organization is taking a step further as it moves out into the ocean. Yes, Google intends to have a presence not only in outer space, but in the sea as well.

Microsoft Patents Key Functionality

Would you believe that Microsoft has just patented the concept utilized by the "page up" and "page down" keys commonly found on computer keyboards? That seems to be the case according to U.S. Patent number 7,415,666.

Will Dell Remove Its Head from the Cloud?
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Dell thought they could take the phrase "cloud computing" and keep it for themselves. It appears (for the time being at least) that they will have no such luck.

The company filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to trademark the term, but its request has ultimately been denied because it has been established as a generic term.

Google Sued By GraphOn
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The week is not off to a great start for Google.  GraphOn Corporation issued a release bright and early this morning stating that it is suing the search giant for patent infringement.

eBay Settles Patent Suit With MercExchange
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eBay and MercExchange have reached a settlement that finally puts to rest a patent dispute that at one time went as high as the U.S. Supreme Court and that started back in 2001.

eBay and MercExchange had been involved in litigation over MercExchange’s patents and eBay’s online auctions and fixed price related ecommerce operations.

Amazon Receives Patent On (Slightly Special) Error Pages

Amazon.com is a decent place to shop for books, CDs, or whatever else you like.  It’s also a good site to read reviews, even if you do your buying elsewhere.  But the company has once again embarrassed itself by receiving an obvious patent.

Google Looking to Recognize Text in Images

Information Week has reported that in June of 07 Google filed a patent application, which has just become available, outlining a “method of optical character recognition in digital images.” The application seems to cover both static images as well as video. The ability to do this could radically change a number of existing Google services as well as again change the way the Internet marketing world interacts with images and video.

Google Notebook Could Influence Rankings

Google has filed 3 new patents for its Google Notebook service which suggest plans to use Notebook listings as an additional factor in calculating Google’s search engine rankings.

Bill Slawski reported on the new Google Notebook patents; highlighting the points in the 3rd patent (Presenting Search Result Information) that refer to potential ties between Google Notebook content and Google’s ranking algorithm.

Microsoft Tries To Patent Conversational Closers
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Can’t be bothered to type “goodbye” at the end of IM conversation?  That’s okay – Microsoft wants to do it for you.  The real kicker, though, is that Microsoft also wants to patent this practice.