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Europe Rejects Software Patents

An overwhelming majority vote by the European Parliament defies the intense lobbying of big business interests.

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RIM May Have Workaround For NTP Patents

The maker of the BlackBerry messaging device, in an impasse with a patentholder over licensing, finds another solution.

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Novell Acquires Patents From Commerce One

Utah-based tech concern Novell picks up 39 valuable business to business and web services patents from their bankrupt owner.

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Fun and Games with Search Patents

I see that A9 are looking to patent behavioural search – where the algorithm attempts to hone your search results based on your prior searches.

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Torvalds Calls Out Software Patents At Open-Source Summit

At the OSDL Linux Summit, Linux founder Linus Torvalds discussed his thoughts towards software patents and whether or not they have actual use.

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IBM Releases 500 Patents For Open Source Community

With one of the largest embraces of the open source community ever, IBM has announced that it will be releasing 500 software patents to open source developers, establishing a platform for increased innovations.

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Google Looking at Alternative Media Search Patents

Susan Kuchinskas looks at some patents, recently filed by Google, and how they might hold clues to the search engine’s future plans.

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Overture Networks Announces Three New Patents

Overture Networks today announced three new patents in circuit emulation granted by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, increasing the total number of patents received by the company in this area to five.

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While the search engine wars between the Internet’s biggest players marches on, PatentCafe’s ICO Global Patent Search stands quietly in the background as the search engine used to search, search engine technology.

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Protect Your Ideas With Copyrights and Patents

Q: Can you tell me the difference between a copyright and a patent? Also is that something I should let a lawyer handle for me?

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A Business Guide To Patents: Protect Your Tech!

After an economic boom rivaling the Gold Rush in the mid-to-late 1990s, a severe downturn has left many technology companies who overspent and expanded too fast during the boom clambering for survival. As a result, such companies have fallen back on the very thing that embodies their ingenuity – and made them successful to begin with – the patents that protect their innovative technologies. While some companies profit from lice nsing patents, others make money by pursuing judgments against those who infringe on these patents.

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