Samsung Might Want To Lose To Apple More Often

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Samsung, at least in the US, has seen a shortage of good news. The company ended August by losing a massive patent lawsuit, and now Apple wants to have some of their devices banned from sale. They aren't letting a potential $1 billion payout to Apple get to them though. In fact, things are actually looking better than ever for the South Korean-based company.

Localytics recently looked into the weekly growth of sales for Samsung's insanely popular Galaxy S III smartphone. Common sense would dictate that Samsung would see a decrease in sales growth as a result of the ruling, but the opposite has proven true. They found that sales growth actually spiked 16 percent after the verdict in the patent trial was announced.

Once again, common sense would dictate that such a spike is just a coincidence. As it turns out, there's no coincidence. Samsung saw their next big sales spike only three weeks later after the announcement of the iPhone 5. At that time, sales of the Galaxy S III spiked by 15 percent.

Samsung Might Want To Lose To Apple More Often

So, what's going on? Why is Samsung reaping the benefits from Apple's supposed wins? Localytics has a theory. They feel that a growing number of users are no longer tied to a particular operating system. They no longer look to iOS as the gold standard. Instead, people will compare the "full package of device, mobile network and available apps."

Take that theory, combine it with the increased coverage the Galaxy S III is getting, and you have a recipe for success. People will see the Galaxy S III as a more cost effective version of the iPhone. They also might see Samsung's device as more forward thinking since it contains many features, like NFC, that Apple left out of the iPhone 5.

It's really hard to say what has led to the increase in sales, but it's definitely tied to Apple. You can't mention Apple without bringing up Samsung and vice versa. The fact that both companies are constantly brought up in mainstream media only helps to increase awareness. Samsung may have lost its court battle, but it's definitely winning in sales.

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