Apple, Google Are Talking Out Their Patent Dispute

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Reuters is reporting that Apple and Google are having serious conversations aimed at coming to an agreement on "a range of intellectual property matters," including, of course, their patent disputes. Evidently, Apple CEO Tim Cook and Google CEO Larry Page had a phone conversation regarding their companies last week, and other executives at the companies are conversing as well. Reuters' unnamed sources say the CEOs will be speaking again "in the coming weeks."

Though Google didn't have much to say about Apple's utter defeat of Samsung, it did quietly file a lawsuit against Apple for patent infringement just before the Samsung verdict came in. Just wanted to test out its shiny new Motorola Mobility patents that it purchased this year, I suppose.

So that's it, right? The two largest heavyweights of tech have finally met for a patent fight to the death. No, not really. Both companies have too much to lose. Apple is now the most valuable company in history and Google is banking on the mobile web as its next big advertising platform.

Larry Page, CEO of GoogleGoogle's lawsuit, the company told Bloomberg, was an attention-getting move to force Apple into talks. So, while Apple didn't care to settle with Samsung, it really does have to talk things out with Google.

So, it seems a deal compromising on the basic aspects of the Android and iOS operating systems will, most likely, be forthcoming in the future. It's a situation that would probably not be taking place if Steve Jobs were still CEO of Apple, as the man hated Google for creating Android.

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