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Pat Robertson’s Annual Predictions Greatest Flops

Pat Robertson pops up every few months to make some statement or other that polarizes people. His faithful viewers get some red meat, and his ministry gets some attention. Robertson doesn’t seem to care a whit about any negative blowback from the things he says. People are pretty used to his outlandish statements by now, and he never really suffers …

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Pat Robertson “Vomit” Button Remark Just One of Many

Josh Wolford reported previously that Pat Robertson, a former Southern Baptist minister, founder of the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) and host of the 700 Club show, had a request for Mark Zuckerberg. Not that many any of those requests get looked at, but he floated it anyway. Robertson would like a Vomit Button on Facebook, as an alternative to the …

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Pat Robertson Wants a ‘Vomit’ Button for Gay Facebook Pics

Listen up, Mark Zuckerberg. Pat Robertson has an idea about implementing a different sort of “dislike button.” If Robertson had his way, he’d put a “vomit” button right next to the “like” button – just so he could show gay couples how much he disapproves of their lifestyle. The 83-year-old televangelist had a definite answer for Tyza, who asked him …

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Pat Robertson: Cheating Husband’s Wife Should be Grateful [VIDEO]

Pat Robertson is well-known for making controversial statements. In addition to failed end of the world and presidential election predictions, the well-known conservative Christian has blamed everything from the 9/11 attacks to hurricane Katrina on gay people and non-Christian society. This week, Robertson has made headlines again, this time for blaming the victim of marital infidelity. While addressing questions on …

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Rubio: Age of the Earth is 4.5 Billion Years

When the shift in U.S. demographics became a major story after this year’s presidential election, Florida Senator Marco Rubio‘s name began to pop up as a possible Republican candidate for president in 2016. Rubio’s Cuban American background was highlighted as something that could help the GOP win back voters who aren’t white. Rubio ethnicity alone won’t win him the Republican …

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Pat Robertson Puts a Heavenly Bounty on Manning: Twitter Reacts

Pat Robertson has said some crazy things in his day. So it’s keeping with tradition that the 700 Club host should say even more crazy things, maybe even take those crazy things into the world of sports talk. He could, for example, suggest that it would serve the Broncos right if Peyton Manning, who recently replaced ├╝ber-Christian Tim Tebow as …

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