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HBO Star Steals Parents’ HBO GO Password Just Like You Do

Mark Duplass, creator and star of the new and well-received HBO series Togetherness is just like you. He also steals borrows someone else’s HBO GO password to watch Game of Thrones. Duplass stopped by Watch What Happens Live and had this response to a caller’s question about cool perks of having a deal with Netflix. “You get to these wonderful …

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LinkedIn Settles Lawsuit Over Massive Password Leak

LinkedIn has settled a class-action lawsuit filed shortly after the social network allowed over 6.5 million passwords to be exposed by Russian hackers in 2012. And apparently, LinkedIn feels as though its penalty should be about $1 per user. Premium user, that is. Though the password breach affected all both types of users – both paid and unpaid – the …

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Florida Man Posts Stolen Nude Photos to Victim’s Mom’s Facebook Page

Florida Man, the world’s worst superhero, is at it again. This time he’s engaging in some real top-shelf creepster activity, “hacking” Facebook accounts and posting nude photos to his victim’s mom’s wall. 30-year-old Michael Rubens has been arrested on 31 counts, including hacking and stalking, for a series of attacks that spanned multiple victims. The Tallahassee Democrat details Rubens’ exploits, …

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Have A Uplay Account? You Might Want To Change Your Password

If you play any Ubisoft game on the PC or consoles, you probably have a Uplay account. It’s required on the PC and console gamers get perks for signing up for the service. In short, there are potentially millions of people with Uplay accounts, and those accounts were recently compromised. Ubisoft announced today via its blog that it was recently …

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MD5crypt Password Scrambler Not Safe, Says Creator

One of the more interesting things revealed to the public during the LinkedIn password leak debacle is the fact that entire forums exist where black-hat hackers work together to crack hashes. The speed with which LinkedIn and eHarmony’s passwords were obtained from the leaked hash is also disconcerting, considering that these companies are both large and reputable. The fact is, …

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Chrome Password Generator Aims To Protect Your Accounts

Passwords on the Internet are a necessary evil. They can help protect your accounts, but are easily stolen by various means. People, including myself, are also not very creative so we end up using the same passwords for every site making ourselves even more vulnerable. A new extension for Chrome seeks to remedy the problem. The Chromium Projects page features …

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