Florida Man Posts Stolen Nude Photos to Victim's Mom's Facebook Page

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Florida Man, the world's worst superhero, is at it again. This time he's engaging in some real top-shelf creepster activity, "hacking" Facebook accounts and posting nude photos to his victim's mom's wall.

30-year-old Michael Rubens has been arrested on 31 counts, including hacking and stalking, for a series of attacks that spanned multiple victims.

The Tallahassee Democrat details Rubens' exploits, which are lengthy and sordid.

One woman said the password to her Florida State University email account was hacked five times over a period of five months. The unknown person would then send emails to the woman’s sister and boyfriend asking for “sexy pictures,” court documents said.

and ...

Authorities tracked down another victim who said her Facebook page was hacked and that the suspect posted a picture of one of her friends performing a sexual act. The detective found evidence that Rubens’ laptop and iPad had logged into the woman’s Facebook account, court documents said.

But the weirdest of Rubens stunts involved another victim and her mom. Apparently, Rubens obtained a woman's nude photos from her hacked email account and wound up posting some of them on her mother's Facebook wall. Police say they found images of his handiwork – the nude images residing on the Facebook page.

He also sent the victim's nude photos to her mom's friends, which he obtained via her email contacts.

In other news, '123456' is still the most common password.

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