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Bachelorette Contestant Eric Hill Dies

Eric Hill, a contestant on the popular ABC marriage-game reality show The Bachelorette has passed away due to injuries he’d sustained during a paragliding accident. Hill had been cast as a gentleman caller vying for the affections of Andi Dorfman, the star of the upcoming season of the reality series. Hill was seriously hurt after his parachute collapsed and he …

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When Was the First Parachute Jump? Google Celebrates 1797 Feat with Doodle

Today, Google is devoting its homepage to André-Jacques Garnerin, a French balloonist who is credited with taking the first plunge in a frameless parachute. The doodle recalls the famous jump, which took place over Paris’ Parc Monceau in 1797. On October 22nd, 1797, Garnerin got in a basket attached to a 23 foot-wide umbrella-shaped parachute and a balloon and ascended …

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Man Skydives Without a Parachute

You’ve probably seen videos of people skydiving or base jumping using a wingsuit. This allows extreme sports enthusiasts to gain some lift while in free fall, allowing them to fly past obstacles at terminal velocity. It’s amazing to watch. Typically these free-fallers deploy a parachute at the end of their flight. While the wingsuit slows one’s rate of free fall, …

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