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Taste-Testers Voted Domino’s No. 1 Pizza

Ever get sick of the same old food? And do you get disappointed with all the main pizza joints promising cheesy slices of pie, overflowing with toppings and out-of-this-world flavor only to eat a piece of bland dough and sauce? Well, our friends over at Yahoo decided to dig deeper into the sciences of pizza and figure out which brand …

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Papa John’s Racist Voicemail Came From Trayvon Martin’s Community

Papa John’s has issued a public apology after a delivery driver accidentally left a racist voicemail for a customer in Sanford, Florida, an area known across the country as the home of Trayvon Martin. Somehow, the driver butt-dialed the customer after he left the man’s home and was recorded while complaining about his tip to a co-worker. “I guess that’s …

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Papa John’s Price Increase: Obamacare Is To Blame

Obviously, few subjects have been stickier than that of Obamacare, which would require business owners employing 50 or more people to offer affordable health care to those employees or pay a penalty. It’s become a topic of debate between, well, just about everyone, and now, some business owners are coming forward with a new wrench to throw into the machine; …

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Papa John’s Employee Prints Racial Slur, Hands It To Customer

Famed drag racer Tom McEwen once said, “It doesn’t matter what they say about you as long as they spell your name right.” I’m not sure Papa John Schnatter agrees. He doesn’t want bad press. And he doesn’t want his employees playing fast and loose with customers’ names either. On January 6, Minhee Cho ordered from Papa Johns walked into …

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