Akira Yoshizawa Google Doodle Celebrates Father Of Modern Origami

Akira Yoshizawa Google Doodle Celebrates Father Of Modern Origami

By Amanda Crum March 14, 2012

Japanese artist Akira Yoshizawa is credited with making the craft of paper folding–origami–an art form, and today Google launched their newest doodle, which celebrates what would have been his 101st birthday. @marissamayermarissamayerWe’re celebrating one of the all-time great origami artists …

Fourth Origami UMPC Uses VIA Processor

There’s some info coming out on the fourth “Origami” Ultra Mobile PC (after the Asus, Samsung and Founder devices), and it doesn’t use an Intel chip.

Origami Folds Up The Tablet PC

Microsoft’s most recent venture into hardware has the company issuing a series of requirements to big Asian manufacturers for developing the device.

So, Do I Hate The Origami? Uh, No

There’s a lot of talk today about the Origami being a let-down.

Microsoft unwraps details for Ultra-Mobile PCs

Today at CeBIT, Microsoft made some headlines with news of a new mobile PC form factor – aka.

CNBC has Origami

CNBC has video of the Origami. Well, one of them. Channel 9 will have almost an hour with Origami’s architect, Otto Berkes.

First UMPCs Shown; More Origami Details

Intel revealed, to an extent, the first Ultra Mobile PCs. CNet has a picture of the device, which has a 7-inch screen, x86 processor, and runs full versions of modern operating systems.

First Origami Photoshops Appear

Origami Portal.com (yes, there’s already an Origami news site) has an image of what a final Microsoft Origami device might look like.

Origami Project Update

The Origami Project website has now been updated. Check out origamiproject.com/2/.

Bill Gates Wants To Be Steve Jobs

Microsoft has one more thing for Apple: a product announcement on Tuesday afternoon that will follow an Apple “special event” earlier in the day.

Microsofts Apple-style Word of Mouth

If you pay attention to what’s going on in the broad tech world (Tech Memeorandum is a great way to get the hum of some opinion), you can’t help but notice things like the growing buzz about Microsoft’s Origami during the past few days.