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Cookie Dough Oreos Will Be Your New Favorite Treat

It was only a few months ago when researchers were trying to prove that Oreos weren’t addictive – but that was before we knew about cookie dough Oreos. The famous cookie brand announced two new flavors hitting the shelves on February 3rd: cookie dough and marshmallow crispy. The cookie dough option will look like a traditional Oreo, with two chocolate …

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Oreos Addictive? Not So Fast, Say Researchers

Are Oreos as addictive as cocaine? That seems to be on many headlines lately, after a Connecticut College press release on a student research project broke the hearts of North America, but is it true? I’m not reserving my spot in rehab just yet, and here’s why. The research on that project is not absolutely certain, according to LiveScience.com. The …

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Oreos’ Addictive Potential vs. Drugs

(image) What’s all the Oreo hullabaloo? They may be addictive? Well, if you’ve ever tasted an Oreo, you already know that its addictive quality is not news. But what happened exactly, and how was this expected revelation rendered? A very thoughtful neuroscientist by the name of Joseph Schroeder decided to conduct an experiment with America’s favorite cookie and– of course–lab …

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Watermelon Oreos to be Offered For a Limited Time

A new flavor of Oreo cookies is coming for summer, and it might not be what you expect. The cookie brand is now selling a limited edition run of Watermelon-flavored Oreos. The cookies have Golden Oreo cookies on the outside and a pink-and-green cream center. According to a review by the Junk Food Guy food blog, the cookies do not …

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Another Day, Another Cool Oreo Separator

Remember earlier this week when that awesome physicist with that awesome mustache built that incredibly complicated machine to separate the Oreo cookie from the Oreo creme? Because he hated the creme? Well, these two guys did the same thing, in a different (and cooler) way. And at least one of them is sensible enough to appreciate the creme. [Oreo]

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Guy Builds Cool Oreo Separator. Twist? It’s to Get Rid of the Creme Altogether

I get that you built a super-complicated machine to separate the Oreo cookies from the Oreo creme. Seriously, I get it. It’s so you can harvest all the creme and make one mega creme-filled cookie, right? No? It’s because you hate the creme? What the hell? [Oreo]

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