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Transformers: Age of Extinction Trailers Released Over And Over Again

It’s the movie that keeps releasing trailers left and right. It’s Transformers: Age of Extinction. Yesterday a new trailer appeared on Micheal Bay’s YouTube account with no description besides the title: ‘Judgement’. Many fans are excited, which is exactly what the studio wants. If they’ve succeeded in showing off what Micheal Bay plans to unveil, then kudos to them. However, …

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‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’; Seriously Epic Trailer

The action-packed trailer for Michael Bay’s Transformers: Age of Extinction has debuted with an explosion. The fourth Transformers movie stars Mark Wahlberg playing the character of Cade Yeagar, a mechanic who is struggling to make ends meet. He then stumbles upon a Transformer and finds government agents after him demanding to know the whereabouts of the Autobots’ leader, Optimus Prime. …

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Geek Culture Looked At From A Different Angle

(image) Optimus Prime Is there anything better than a great triangle? The absurdity of that statement just goes to show you how exciting triangles really are. From the Tri-Force to the Bermuda Triangle, the triangle is shrouded in mystery and mysticism. Josh Ln knows the pure power of the triangle and he shows his complete mastery of it with these …

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Transformers: FOC Reveals Preorder Bonuses

The Transformers hold a lore in the world that very few other toys can meet. So it was only fitting that a cartoon based on a toy would make a fantastic video game right? Apparently it took 26 years for that to actually happen, because in 2010 Highmoon studios didn’t just create a fantastic Transformers game, they created a fantastic …

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NASA Partners with Optimus Prime For New Video

Not only is NASA going forward on some of the Mars exploration ideas–finding $30 million in the couch has a way of altering plans–they’ve also released some new promotional footage, just in case you thought NASA’s death knell might be upon, thanks to various budget cuts and other poorly-considered government decisions. While the promotional footage features about what you’d expect …

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