NASA Partners with Optimus Prime For New Video

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Not only is NASA going forward on some of the Mars exploration ideas--finding $30 million in the couch has a way of altering plans--they've also released some new promotional footage, just in case you thought NASA's death knell might be upon, thanks to various budget cuts and other poorly-considered government decisions.

While the promotional footage features about what you'd expect from NASA; that is, hope for the future by reminding us where the space program has come from and where its been, what elevates the video from standard "we are awesome" stuff is the inclusion of a specific voice for the narration aspect.

The voice I'm referring to is none other than Optimus Prime of the Transformers, aka, Peter Cullen.

This is clearly a red letter day for NASA, all things considered. First, the newfound money puts Mars exploration back on the table, and now, Optimus Prime is doing kick-ass narration work for them. Considering Prime's connection to space and exploration thereof, having him as the "voice of NASA" only makes sense, especially when you consider the Autobots' commitment to protecting the human race.

Silliness aside, using Cullen's distinctive voice for their new promotional video adds a touch of genius, if only because the geeks will hear it and think, "Optimus Prime is down with NASA," and that's a good thing. Granted, NASA's image wasn't one that needed a PR facelift, but the aforementioned budget cuts have cast some doubt concerning its future. Well, if Optimus Prime is right, coupled with the $30 million windfall of newly discovered cash, things are indeed looking up for the space exploration program.

Maybe now we can find the Allspark before the Decepticons do. Anything's possible if Optimus Prime has your back.

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