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Is OPEN Better than SOPA?

During the initial SOPA hearings, the mockery that they were, Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon, one of the loudest opponents to the Stop Online Piracy Act, suggested an alternative method of regulating the Internet, one both Google and Facebook endorse. Is Wyden’s suggestion — The OPEN (Online Protection and Enforcement of Digital Trade) Act — a satisfactory alternative to the …

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The OPEN Act Becomes Truly Open

The OPEN Act, the less insane version of SOPA and PIPA, is up for public scrutiny and changes. Representative Darrell Issa has created Keep the Web Open to allow citizens the opportunity of making revisions and suggestions to the bill as is. The Web site also features a rundown of SOPA and PIPA, and what sets OPEN apart from them. …

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Meet The Global Online Freedom Act Of 2011

Alongside SOPA, PIPA and OPEN, H.R. 3605 has joined the party. H.R. 3605, otherwise known as the Global Online Freedom Act of 2011 was drafted and introduced to the House on December 8 by Representative Christopher Smith from New Jersey. The bill’s wording states: To prevent United States businesses from cooperating with repressive governments in transforming the Internet into a …

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SOPA Necessary To Protect Our Safety, According To RIAA VP

As staunch supporters of the Stop Online Piracy Act, it comes as no surprise that the RIAA would scoff at the OPEN Act, a measure proposed by Congressman Darrell Issa and Senator Ron Wyden. It’s just the argument that is unbelievable, although nothing at this point should really be unbelievable. The OPEN Act is a sort of alternative to SOPA …

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