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Thoughts on Apple Subscriptions and Google OnePass from President of the Online Publishers Association

Over the past week, Apple announced its subscriptions plan for the App Store, following the model of "The Daily". Under the plan, publishers set the price and length of the subscription, users choose the length of the subscription and are charged based on how long they subscribe. Apple keeps 30% of the revenue.

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OPA President: FTC Proposal Both Encouraging and Concerning

As you may know, the FTC released a report this week proposing a framework for balancing consumer privacy and innovation online, which includes (but is not limited to) a "do not track" mechanism in web browsers. Naturally, marketers have shown varying degrees of concern. Some are even calling the proposal a "Google Killer". 

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Internet Users Spend Majority Of Time With Content Sites

Content sites continue to grab the attention of the majority of Internet users, up from 34 percent of total time spent in 2003 to 42 percent in 2009, a 24 percent increase, according to a new report by the Online Publishers Association (OPA).

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Online Publishers On Board For Bigger Ads

The Online Publishers Association (OPA) announced today a group of brands that have started using its new larger ad units across OPA member sites.

The new ad units were originally announced in March with the goal of boosting creative advertising online that meets the needs of marketers by better integrating their messages.

A total of 37 OPA member companies are making the units available, up from the 24 originally announced.

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OPA To Introduce New Online Ads

The Online Publishers Association (OPA) announced Tuesday a new initiative aimed at boosting creative advertising on the Internet that meets the needs of marketers by better integrating their messages.

Starting in July, online publishers including ESPN,, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal Digital Network, will start using one of three new ad units that are larger in size than traditional online ads.

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Local Media Sites Good For Advertisers

Local media sites have an advantage when it comes to producing results for advertisers, according to a new report by the Online Publishers Association (OPA).

The study finds that consumers trust advertising on local newspaper, magazine and television Websites, and are likely to take action after viewing ads on these sites.

Newspaper Web sites rank first, with 46 percent of consumers taking action, such as making a purchase, going to a store or conducting research after viewing a local ad, compared to 37 percent of consumers acting after viewing a local ad on a portal.

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Online Publishers Doing Well In Slow Economy

Even with a sluggish economy online publishers are doing well and those with solid brands and quality content are poised to succeed according to the president of the Online Publishers Association.

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