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Kim Dotcom’s $5 Million “Bounty” On US Government

Do you have proof that the United States government acted in a corrupt or illegal manner during the shutdown of Megaupload? If so, that information could make you a millionaire. Kim Dotcom (born Kim Schmitz) said on Monday that he was putting up a $5 million “bounty” for any information that will help him fight a daunting online piracy case. …

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Russia Auditing ISP’s That Host Illegal Content

Russia has established itself as a bit of a haven for cybercrime. One can quite easily buy illegal web traffic from vendors in that country, and some have recently speculated that the only reason the creators of the Carberp Trojan were arrested was because their malware was directed at Russian Nationals, instead of exclusively at outsiders, a practice the Russian …

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“Polish Underground” Takes Down Government Websites

In Warsaw, a group call the “Polish Underground” targeted the Polish Government’s website. This comes following the weekends attack on websites belonging to Poland’s president, prime minister and parliament. The attacks are thought to be a protest to upcoming anti-piracy legislation. The legislation, titled: Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), would establish international standards for intellectual property protection. The government planned to …

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Megaupload’s Kim Dotcom Doesn’t Make Bail

Seven of Megaupload’s employees and the company itself are accused of providing copyrighted material online without paying royalties. The company’s staff and Founder Kim Dotcom has been arrested and incarcerated. Dotcom himself made over $41 million just last year. Claiming he had done nothing wrong, his attorney’s argued for his release on bail from a New Zealand jail however; prosecutors …

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SOPA Is Back: Lamar Smith Says Markup To Resume In February

If you needed any more proof that SOPA isn’t really dead, just delayed, look no further. Despite calls that SOPA, for all intents and purposes, had been killed in the House of Representatives, the truth was that the harmful legislation had simply been put on the backburner. Just ask Lamar Smith, SOPA author: Stop Online Piracy Act Markup to Resume …

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UK Copyright Piracy Case Extradited to the US?

Twenty-three year old Richard O’Dwyer is facing copyright infingment charges in the United States after a U.K. judge ordered it appropriate for him to prosecuted there. O’Dwyer is accused of operating a website which allegedly made thousands in advertising while linking viewers to pirated feature films and t.v. shows. This news comes while the U.S. Congress continues to debate new …

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