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Mozilla Is Now Working On A Web Payment Standard

Mozilla is all about Web standards. The non-profit has made it clear that it wants to move the Web away from plug-ins and third party services to Web APIs that will work across any browser. It’s latest venture tackles a service that many probably never thought needed fixing – Web payments. So, what’s wrong with our current Web payment services? …

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Dwolla Now Lets You Pay For Stuff Online Without An Account

Dwolla, the online payments startup that made a name for itself with an investment from celebri-preneur Ashton Kutcher, is now offering a payment option that you don’t even have to have an account to use. “Today,” Dwolla says, “is about addressing one of our own shortcomings: the ‘chicken or the egg’ dilemma. This metaphor is meant to explain the difficulty …

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PayPal Gets a Much Needed Website Makeover

No doubt PayPal is a leader in the payment industry, but many thought the website could use a little refresh. Apparently so did PayPal, because today they are expected to unveil a much needed redesign of their main website. According to Tech Crunch, who was the first to confirm the redesign, the popularity of mobile payments had a lot to …

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PayPal Here: A Thousand Sign-Ups Per Hour

PayPal Here was announced last week as the competitor to Square, a mobile payment option for small businesses. It’s a new service that allows users to make secure transactions using a card reader that plugs into the coaxial jack on a smartphone. PayPal Here has been available now for a week. How well has this new venture played out for …

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