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OneNote Goes Free On Windows And Mac

Are you a Mac user that stares longingly at your friend’s Windows desktop wishing you had access to OneNote? Well, stare no longer as Microsoft has finally ported its note keeping app to your platform of choice. Microsoft announced this morning that OneNote is now available for Mac. With this addition, OneNote is now available on pretty much every platform, …

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Bing And OneNote Can Work Together To Help You Learn How To Cook

Back in November, Microsoft released a new version of OneNote for Windows 8 devices with a heavy focus on sharing. While one could say the main focus was sharing OneNote content across multiple devices, the Bing team enabled sharing between its multiple Windows 8.1 apps and OneNote as well. So wait, how does Bing sharing with OneNote work? In an …

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OneNote Updated With New Sharing Features

Microsoft was one of the first to the digital note taking game with OneNote. Now it’s just one of many in an ever growing field of apps that allow one to document their lives via short notes. How is Microsoft going to compete? For Windows 8.1 PCs, tablets and phones, OneNote has been updated with a number of new features …

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Microsoft Updates All Of Its Office Web Apps

The Web is quickly becoming the new platform of choice for many tech companies. Google and Microsoft have been the two largest proponents of the Web over the last few years with both companies investing heavily in cloud computing and big data. Now Microsoft has finally updated one of its first forays into the Web-based collaboration software. Microsoft announced today …

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