Shareaholic Adds More Sites To Follow Button Lineup

Shareaholic, the company behind the popular social media button share tools, announced that it has added some new sites to its Follow Button lineup. In other words, sites can use these buttons to get people to follow them on more services.

The new additions include GitHub, Etsy, and Houzz.


“Are you a tech guru with a specialty, or a blossoming developer with a curiosity you want to explore on Github?” writes Shareaholic’s Cameron Seher in a blog post. “Perhaps you are one of the many thousands of artisans selling, or the millions of users buying beautiful goods on Etsy? Or maybe you are a DIY blogger, featuring a home renovation project on Houzz? Help to make your site’s followers true disciples of your passions by strengthening your follow-ship on these three wildly popular, targeted platforms.”

Shareaholic also added Microsoft OneNote to its list of share options.

“You already know that we recently added WhatsApp, and SMS Client, to our Share Button Services. Now, offer your users sharing to Microsoft OneNote,” says Seher. “With a user base that according to Microsoft doubled in 2014, and with Microsoft integrating OneNote with Windows 10, this can’t be missed as the go-to sharing platform for users across Windows devices in the future!”

Last month, Shareaholic added a total share count option to its share buttons. More on that here.

Images via Thinkstock, Shareaholic

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