Bing And OneNote Can Work Together To Help You Learn How To Cook

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Back in November, Microsoft released a new version of OneNote for Windows 8 devices with a heavy focus on sharing. While one could say the main focus was sharing OneNote content across multiple devices, the Bing team enabled sharing between its multiple Windows 8.1 apps and OneNote as well.

So wait, how does Bing sharing with OneNote work? In an update on the OneNote blog, the team details what they call the OneNote share contract. This allows non-OneNote Windows 8.1 apps to share information with the OneNote app and sync this information seamlessly across multiple devices. The Bing team was one of the first out of the gate with share contract functionality.

In the video below, Microsoft demonstrates how one can use the Bing Food & Drink app on Windows 8.1 and seamlessly share info between it and OneNote to help make planning that much easier. Check it out:

It's definitely a nice feature, but one that could be done with any number of devices and services. What makes OneNote and Bing better? Well, Microsoft doesn't really say, but it sure hopes you'll use OneNote and Bing on your Micorosft Surface or other Windows 8.1 device. If you choose to go the Android or iOS route, well, Bing and OneNote are there for you too. They just have a little more competition.

Image via officevideos/YouTube

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