iPad Pro Potentially Hitting Markets in 2014

iPad Pro Potentially Hitting Markets in 2014

By Brian Powell January 6, 2014 | 5 Comments

With the dawn of a new year comes ever-constant speculation from tech websites about what the newest gizmos and gadgets will be for the upcoming year. Thus far, most rumors point toward the excitement of a potential iPad Pro, rumored …

Sega To Release Retro Themed Notebook PCs In March Sega To Release Retro Themed Notebook PCs In March

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Sega bowed out of the hardware race in 2001 after the Dreamcast couldn’t keep up with Sony’s PlayStation 2. Since then, fans have prophesied the return of Sega hardware every September 9 in honor of the Dreamcast’s original release date …

If You Buy Only One Notebook This Year, Make It This One If You Buy Only One Notebook This Year, Make It This One

Tech reviews aren’t anything but shills for the latest hardware anymore. It’s just another advertising vehicle used by a publication’s corporate masters to sell you a product under the guise of objectivity. Whatever happened to the days of honest to …

iPad Sales To Pass Notebook Sales Within Four Years iPad Sales To Pass Notebook Sales Within Four Years

When Apple announced the new iPad back in March, he spent a lot of time talking about the “post PC” world, a world in which tablets replaced PCs – particularly notebooks – for many users’ day-to-day needs, including web browsing, …

Google Notebook Could Influence Rankings

Google has filed 3 new patents for its Google Notebook service which suggest plans to use Notebook listings as an additional factor in calculating Google’s search engine rankings.

Bill Slawski reported on the new Google Notebook patents; highlighting the points in the 3rd patent (Presenting Search Result Information) that refer to potential ties between Google Notebook content and Google’s ranking algorithm.

PreFound: Google Notebook Infringes On Patent

A patent on hyperlinking filed by search site PreFound’s parent company, iLOR, has led to a lawsuit against Google for infringement.

Google Notebook Grows Up, Learns Languages

Yet another Google Labs product has made it into the real world; behold Google Notebook in its non-beta glory.  The tool has gained the ability to “speak 17 other languages besides English,” but would-be users shouldn’t expect much in the way of additional improvements.

Google Stuff Doing Stuff w/ Other Stuff & Other Stuff

What? I had more than one story about integrations and such, and that was easily the worst title I could think of. Who would have thought there was a way to include “stuff” in a title four times, and have it vaguely make sense?

Cruising Through Google Notebooks

The useful little application called Google Notebook allows people to take notes from web pages they visit and have those notes published online; these Notebooks can be set to private, but many are left public and make for a fascinating trip through the minds of Google users.

Wiring the Wiki

The Wired Wiki project is really coming along. The main article has over 100 edits from a diverse group, there are lots of headline suggestions and sanding of the deck.

Sneak Peak at Google Notebook

While Google Desktop hasn’t officially launched yet, you can get a preview of the service via this login screen. (I was able to login, although others report not being able to. Let me know if you get in).

Google Notebook Goes Live

As promised at Google’s Press Day event last week, its Notebook service from Google Labs has been turned on in beta for users to try. Firefox users will have an easy time of adding…

Screen Shots of Google Notebook

Michael Arrington has secured some screen shots of Google’s soon to be launched Google Desktop.

Dell Offering Premium Computers, TVs

The XPS series will have a lot more going for it than the rest of the product line, like dedicated customer support.

HP, AMD Team On New Notebook

The nx6125 notebook PC will be released by Palo Alto-based HP under the Compaq brand name that it owns.

Sony Notebook A Cingular Experience

The Sony Vaio T350 includes built-in WWAN technology enabling high-speed Internet access via Cingular’s network.

Gateway Debuts Lighter, High-End Notebook

Yesterday, Gateway Computers introduced 2 new notebooks, one of which, the M680, was designed to replace and improve upon their current top of the line mobile computer.