Ron Burgundy Gives You Top 10 Reasons To Hang Out With Him

Ron Burgundy Gives You Top 10 Reasons To Hang Out With Him

By Chris Crum November 11, 2013

Will Ferrell has a new Ron Burgundy video out encouraging viewers to support 826LA (a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting students ages 6 to 18 with creative and expository writing skills), giving them a chance to win an opportunity to …

Reddit Just Got More Charitable Thanks To These New Fundraising Options Reddit Just Got More Charitable Thanks To These New Fundraising Options

Reddit announced a pair of new tools for reddit-related fundraising today. One of the tools has already seen a bit of action, and the other is totally new. “For a while now, we’ve been trying to help encourage some additional …

YouTube Announces Next Cause Winners YouTube Announces Next Cause Winners

Last month, YouTube unveiled their newest program in their “Next Creator” family, YouTube Next Causes. The goal is to ” help organizations that are already changing the world better use online video to drive action” – basically a how-to course …

YouTube’s DoGooder Nonprofit Video Awards Now Taking Submissions YouTube’s DoGooder Nonprofit Video Awards Now Taking Submissions

Nonprofit organizations take note: YouTube and See3 Communications are now accepting submissions for the 2012 DoGooder Nonprofit Video Awards, an annual event to showcase and reward some of the best video work from nonprofits. The awards will honor nonprofits in …

YouTube Nonprofit Program Gets Some Updates YouTube Nonprofit Program Gets Some Updates

YouTube announced some updates to its nonprofit program. One is “The Playbook Guide: YouTube for Good”. This is described as “a how-to resource specifically targeted at nonprofit organizations, with sections on how to create content, raise funds, connect with other …

Who You Know, Nonprofit Social Media & the Connected Life Who You Know, Nonprofit Social Media & the Connected Life
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In today’s infographic round-up, we’re looking at one from Xonbi about the value of your contacts, one from Craig Newmark about how nonprofits use social media, and one GigaOm shared looking at data from SMA about the “connected life”. For …

LinkedIn Cause Features Can Help Your Visibility LinkedIn Cause Features Can Help Your Visibility
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LinkedIn has added a “Volunteer & Causes” field to profiles, allowing members to show off what causes they have volunteered for, presenting networking opportunities in the non-profit realm, similar to the the opportunities LinkedIn already presents in the professional realm. …

What You Should Know About Google For NonProfits
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In front of a packed room of nearly 200 nonprofit communicators in Washington DC, Google announced their most innovative and ambitious set of tools to help nonprofit organizations to succeed yet. Promising to offer $10,000 in free keyword advertising credits, …

eBay Buyers And Sellers Donated More Than $50 Million To Nonprofits In 2010

eBay is touting that its buyers and sellers donated a record $54.8 million to U.S. and U.K. Nonprofit organizations in 2010.

 A donation was made every 24 seconds via eBay Giving Works, the company’s nonprofit fundraising program in the U.S., raising more than $91 a minute for nonprofits. Overall, donations were up 7 percent last year, compared to 2009, and nearly 9 million items were listed for sale, with all or a portion of the sale price donated to a nonprofit, more than double the items listed in 2009.

LiveStrong CEO on Fighting Cancer with Social Media, Origin of the Wristband

WebProNews recently spoke with Doug Ulman, President and CEO of Livestrong, the nonprofit behind the famous yellow wristband and a huge cancer-fighting movement.

Man Spreads Homelessness Awareness on YouTube
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Saturday was Invisible People.tv day at YouTube. InvisiblePeople.tv is a site/project that utilizes social media tools like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace to spread awareness about the growing homelessness problem.

The channel was featured on YouTube’s home page over the weekend, and YouTube discussed it in a company blog post, speaking with Founder Mark Horvath.

The Majority Of Nonprofits Embrace Social Media

The majority (88%) of nonprofit organizations are experimenting with social media to engage audiences, but 79 percent are not sure of its value for their organizations, according to a new survey by Weber Shandwick’s Social Impact team and KRC Research.

"We know from our work with nonprofits that most realize the potential of social media and are experimenting with it, but many are not maximizing the full opportunity," said Paul Massey, Social Impact co-lead.

Good Online Experience Leads To More Donations For Nonprofits
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Visitors to nonprofit websites are more likely to donate money, volunteer time, and recommend the nonprofit to others if they have a good online experience, according to a new study from ForeSee Results.

Nonprofit websites score 73 on the study’s 100-point scale, below many other online industries, including online banking (83), e-retail (74), e-government (74) and automotive websites (78).

eBay Users Give $36 Million To Nonprofits
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eBay says its sellers and buyers gave a record $36 million to U.S. nonprofit organizations in 2008 via eBay Giving Works.

eBay Users Give $36 Million To Nonprofits
John Donahoe
eBay CEO

Giving Works allows people to donate to nearly 15,000 organizations in the country while on eBay. Donations were up almost 20 percent in 2008, with nearly 1.5 million people donating to a cause.

Microsoft Launches Resource For Nonprofits

Microsoft has announced the worldwide availability of NGO Connection, an online resource for nonprofit groups.

The online resource is aimed at helping nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) efficiently reach their goals by using technology. It will also provide a way for NGOs to network and coordinate resources.

Microsoft hopes NGO Connection will be an effective way to find technology resources, knowledge sharing, community building and real-life examples for nonprofit organizations.

Google Gets Nonprofits Together
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Pretty much any public discussion or conference held by Google is worth noting.  A recent one, held at the company’s D.C. office, seemed even more important than usual; it involved "more than 80 technology decisionmakers from international development non-profits."