Google Showcases Government, Nonprofit & Business Maps With New Gallery

Google Showcases Government, Nonprofit & Business Maps With New Gallery

By Chris Crum February 27, 2014

Google has launched a new Google Maps Gallery aimed at making mapping data from governments, nonprofits and businesses more accessible to the public. Organizations can share and publish their maps online via Google Maps Engine, and have them appear in …

YouTube Aims To Help Nonprofit Orgs YouTube Aims To Help Nonprofit Orgs
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YouTube announced a big initiative on their blog today, structured to help nonprofits. Next Cause is aimed at using online video to help organizations involved in charitable projects around the world. From Youtube: We’re excited to share the latest addition …

ROAR Brings Affordable Mobile Apps to Churches And Nonprofits ROAR Brings Affordable Mobile Apps to Churches And Nonprofits

Ever since Apple launched their App Store alongside the iPhone 3G in 2008, mobile apps have been an increasingly important platform for brands of all kinds. With the addition of similar app marketplaces for Android, Nokia, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone, …

Wikimedia Foundation Breaks Record With Fundraising Campaign Wikimedia Foundation Breaks Record With Fundraising Campaign
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The Wikimedia Foundation, which runs Wikipedia, has wrapped up its annual fund raising campaign, breaking a record with $20 million raised from over a million donors in “nearly every country in the world”. It appears those big banners at the …

Yahoo and Ad Council Launch “Create for a Cause” Contest

Yahoo and the Ad Council have announced the launch of the 2010 "Create for a Cause" contest. The competition looks to highlight the best and most creative in non-profit-focused digital advertising.   

YouTube Nonprofit Partners Get New Features

YouTube has added a couple of new features for its Nonprofit Program. These features include the option for nonprofit partners to choose custom thumbnails for videos and the ability to link to external websites through video annotations.

YouTube calls the features "game-changing". They are explained in this step-by-step walk-through:

Donate For The Holiday Season By Using GoodShop.com
With the economy slipping, charities across the nation are bracing themselves for declining contributions this holiday season.

Google Extends Apps To Non-Profits

Registered non-profit organizations in the United States will be able to use the Google Apps Education Edition for their communication needs.

Seasonal Changes At Google Checkout

Google Checkout has, as expected, instituted a few changes in response to the holiday shopping season. Look for a smattering of new merchants – including PETCO – and for the opportunity to save $10 (in more than one way).

SEO for Non-profit Organization Blogs

Blogs are an SEO powerhouse for a non-profit organization and its various programs and events.

AOL Foots Bill For Non-Profit Email
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AOL wasn’t about to let history repeat itself. This time when it made an announcement about its email system, nobody was going to misunderstand anything, blast it all! The press release had plenty of repetition, a full preemptive Q&A, and a Biff Tannen style, “no, butthead,” peppered throughout.

Mozilla Goes From Non-Profit to Profit

Mozilla, who has been a non-profit organization in the form of the Mozilla Foundation, has now changed about not taking in any profits, and has formed the Mozilla Corporation.

Nonprofit Businesses Get Technology Boost

The Verizon Foundation launches an online resource center to help not for profit companies use technology.

Finding Your Ideal Member: A Process for Non-Profit Organizations

The right time to create a fact sheet is any time you need to spoon-feed a reporter on a complex subject.

Reporters don’t mind thinking, they just don’t want to think too hard. They simply don’t have the time. They are writing history in a hurry. The accent is on “hurry.”

From Non-Profit to For-Profit: Tips For Transition

I have worked in the non-for-profit sector for many years and am now looking to transition to a publicly-owned company. What suggestions do you have for countering the false perceptions of recruiters and employers that not-for-profits are not as professionally challenging and that the pace of work is not as demanding as in for-profit companies?

Louise Garver Answers Career Questions
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Is your job search stalled? Is your resume closing doors instead of opening them? Are you landing interviews, but failing to get the offer? Is your job unfulfilling? Do you know how to recession-proof your career? Louise Garver can help. Send her your career questions today!