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Nintendo TVii Finally Launches Tomorrow

Promised as a launch feature, Nintendo’s ambitious TVii service was delayed to some time in December. The promised day is now near, but you might want to temper your expectations before you get disappointed. Nintendo announced this morning that Nintendo TVii will be launching tomorrow, December 20. The free app is envisioned as a new way to watch TV as …

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Netflix Arrives Day One On The Wii U

Were you one of the lucky folks who picked up a Wii U yesterday? If so, you may have been disappointed to learn that Nintendo TVii was delayed until December. Along with TVii, a number of streaming services were also delayed. Fortunately, one streaming service was able to make it in time for launch. Netflix announced yesterday that it’s the …

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Wii U’s TVii Service Delayed, Launches In December

The game console is no longer just for games. Nintendo is finally starting to realize this, and created TVii to show that it’s not behind the curve in delivering unique entertainment options to consumers. It was originally slated to launch with the console this Sunday, but Nintendo has silently delayed it at the last minute. In a general press release …

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Wii U Gets Video On Demand With Nintendo TVii

Nintendo has always been known as a game maker. Their consoles have never been the multi-media powerhouses that the Xbox 360 and the PS3 have proven to be. The Wii has Netflix and Hulu Plus, but not much else. That’s all going to change with the Wii U. Nintendo of America announced today that North American Wii U consoles wil …

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