Netflix Arrives Day One On The Wii U

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Were you one of the lucky folks who picked up a Wii U yesterday? If so, you may have been disappointed to learn that Nintendo TVii was delayed until December. Along with TVii, a number of streaming services were also delayed. Fortunately, one streaming service was able to make it in time for launch.

Netflix announced yesterday that it's the first streaming service to be available on the Wii U. Users can access it as soon as they connect to the Internet and download the day one patch that adds many of the online features to the system.

As for Wii U specific features, the Netflix app includes what you would expect from the system. Users can scroll through titles on the TV screen or the gamepad. After selecting a movie or TV show, the content is displayed on the screen while playback controls and title info is displayed on the Gamepad.

Parents will be glad to know that Netflix on the Wii U supports Gamepad-only playback as well. Parents can watch their own TV shows on cable while their children watch their favorites on the Gamepad. It should be noted that Netflix for Kids is available at launch so there's plenty of kid friendly content to go around.

I personally played around with the Netflix app a little bit yesterday, and found it to be satisfactory. The Wii U specific features are nice, and the streaming quality over wireless seemed good enough. I would just advise you avoid the Miiverse community for Netflix as users think it's funny to spoil your favorite TV shows and movies.

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