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Quit Smoking – But Don’t Use E-Cigarettes
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Experts claim that smoking is an addiction similar to a heroine addiction because nicotine is just as difficult to quit. The premise behind quitting cigarettes, aside from the health benefits from quitting now, is that the biggest percentage of smoking …

Quit Smoking With Cigarettes That Might Explode? Quit Smoking With Cigarettes That Might Explode?
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It’s hard to be a smoker in 2013. Law after law and policy after policy has severely limited the range of locations where those pressed for a nicotine fix can puff away in peace. Cigarette prices are higher than ever, …

E-Cigarettes Have High Rate of Usage in Teen Market
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The results of an e-cigarette study at UC San Francisco were recently released. In the study, conducted by postdoctoral fellow Sungkyu Lee, researchers focused on the data obtained in a national Web-based survey of 75,643 adolescents in Korea. The survey …