Quit Smoking - But Don't Use E-Cigarettes


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Experts claim that smoking is an addiction similar to a heroine addiction because nicotine is just as difficult to quit.

The premise behind quitting cigarettes, aside from the health benefits from quitting now, is that the biggest percentage of smoking is habit. The phone rings, a smoker picks up a cig, a cup of coffee stimulates the habit to smoke, well, you get the general idea.

The biggest hurdle in quitting smoking is breaking the habit. Sure the addiction is tough, but after 3 days or perhaps sooner, that nicotine craving diminishes and is gone, and what you feel afterward is the urge to continue the habit.

So if quitting is mostly about breaking a habit, how much sense does it make to use E-cigarettes?

Although those little electronic smoking devices were designed to eliminate smoking the real thing, smoking them will not ease the cravings for the real thing, over time.

Youth who were smoking electronic cigarettes in a desperate bid to quit smoking ended up smoking even more on a regular basis.

And since E-cigarettes come with nicotine infused juices, what is the point? Users say that the point is being able to smoke in public, where many establishments have banned smoking, even in bars and night clubs.

And ad campaigns tout them as the solution to cigarette smoking, but that is just not the case.

Contrary to expectations, the young were not weaned off the real stuff thanks to e-cigarettes. Actually, they ended up getting even more addicted to the "habit" and it has become a rarity to find a person smoking an e-cigarette who quit smoking altogether.

They just don't help with the most difficult task, the 21-day rule for breaking a habit.

Image via Wikimedia Commons