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Wyoming Explosion Clears Out Town of 98

An explosion at a natural gas plant in Wyoming has prompted the evacuation of the town of Opal, population 98. Opal is situated roughly five miles from the Williams Gas Plant, which was shut down after an explosion occurred on-site at about 2 p.m. MDT Wednesday. Williams Gas Plant spokesperson Michele Swaner reported that there were no injuries in the …

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Propane Shortage Leads to Price Surge in Midwest US

Much fuss has been made about the polar vortex that swept across the US this winter, bringing with it the lowest temperatures the United States has seen in decades. The Midwest, Northeast, South are the areas which have been hit the hardest. Because of these unnaturally cold temperatures and above-average amounts of snowfall, everyday life in these areas has essentially …

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Natural Gas Vehicle Sales to Rise in Coming Decade

Electric cars are currently getting most of the attention paid to alternative fuel vehicles, and for good reason. The technology behind such vehicles is set to improve at a fast pace in the coming years, and the infrastructure to support them will also be built out quickly. However, another form of alternative energy is already selling more than electric vehicles, …

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Natural Gas: Prices Rally With Rising Population, Middle-East Turmoil

Spot prices of natural gas topped $3.72 per million Btu last week – the highest in two months – following the U.S. Energy Department’s weekly storage report that showed a tighter supply vs demand scenario. The Natural Gas Storage Report, updated weekly by the Energy Information Administration (EIA) since 2002 – includes summaries on natural gas market prices and storage …

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Al-Qaeda Plot to Bomb Yemeni Industries Foiled

The country of Yemen has foiled a plot by al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (also known as Ansar al-Sharia). The plot comes in the wake of warnings from al Qaeda that would impact travelling Americans, as well as the shutting down of many American embassies in Africa and the Middle East. Considered the most active and dangerous cell in …

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Rig Blowout Leads To Evacuation Of 47 Workers

As of late, the gulf coast has become more well-known for oil spills and natural disasters than its natural beauty and once bountiful fishing and shrimping. A major oil spill in 2010 caused major damage to the area, damage that is still being dealt with. The latest event is this line of tragedy occurred today as a blowout on a …

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