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Stana Katic Leaving ‘Castle’? The Show Without Beckett Looms

Stana Katic leaving Castle? Unthinkable. Fans of the ABC show may have to imagine Castle without Beckett if Stana Katic does not renew her contract to return for Season Eight. Aficionados of the show can rest assured that Rick Castle will still be sleuthing about. Nathan Fillion has renewed his contract to return should the eighth season be ordered, which …

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“The Avengers” Promo With Robert Downey Jr. And Nathan Fillion

(image) Tony Stark and Malcom Reynolds Frank Castle on the same stage? Check out this great cross promo with Nathan Fillion and Robert Downey Jr. talking about their respective projects of The Avengers and Castle. It’s always funny to hear two big time people from geekdom interact with eachother especially when talking about their characters. “the Avengers” is Marvels huge …

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Nathan Fillion Films Nerd PSA About Important Gamer Problem, Swampass

If you needed one more example of why Nathan Fillion is awesome, look no further than this new viral vid. There is a problem- a problem that affect millions of gamers each and every year. And Nathan Fillion cares. He cares enough to film a public service announcement to spread awareness of this horrible predicament that plagues the community. From …

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