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Apple iCloud on the Way?

A new report from GigaOm, cites a “tipster” as saying that Apple has purchased the domain from Xcerion, which just changed the name of its own iCloud service to CloudMe at According to the tipster, Apple bought the domain for about $4.5 million. Naturally, one would have to assume Apple would be interested in that “i” in the …

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Fleet Foxes Front Man Robin Pecknold Encourages File Sharing

Fleet Foxes front man Robin Pecknold is cool with file sharing, and free music downloading. The band has an album coming out on May 3rd, but and it would seem he’s more interested in people hearing it than paying for it. He is reported to have told the Sunday Times that music “has no inherent value,” adding, “How much money …

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Record Store Day Releases Hit eBay Early

Record Store Day is on Saturday, April 16. This is a day when record stores and music artists come together to celebrate music and the continued existence of albums that you can hold in your hand, in the digital age. For a more official description: This is the one day that all of the independently owned record stores come together …

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Coachella 2011 Streaming Live on YouTube

Coachella 2011 starts on Friday, and there are a lot of good musical acts there, but luckily for those of us who don’t get to attend, we can still watch it online. The popular music and arts festival is streaming live on the Coachella YouTube channel from April 15 – 17. Here’s the artist line-up: The actual schedule can be …

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Google Music – PushLife Acquired by Google

Google has acquired PushLife, a mobile media sync/streaming service, for an undisclosed sum (which is rumored to be about $25 million). Google is expected to launch Google Music very soon to work with the Honeycomb version of Android. Last week, some apparent images of the service leaked. Now this. Here’s the announcement from PushLife: Here’s a demo video of PushLife …

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mSpot Prepared to Battle with Amazon, Google, and Apple in Streaming Music

Amazon made huge waves when it unveiled its new Cloud Drive and Cloud Player offerings, which give users 5GB of free storage for their music. One of the companies immediately impacted by this, would be mSpot, which offers a very similar service. In fact, soon after Amazon’s announcement hit the airwaves, the company also announced that it would be giving …

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Myspace to Vevo?

There has been a lot of talk about the decline of Myspace and of possible Myspace sales and mergers. Now we have something a little more specific (though unconfirmed) to consider. People with knowledge of the situation say that News Corp. is in talks to give Vevo a majority stake in Myspace, according to a report from Bloomberg. “The talks …

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Amazon Cloud Drive Launched for Music Storage, Player for Web and Android

Amazon announced the launch of a new set of cloud music services in Amazon Cloud Drive, Amazon Cloud Player for Web, and Amazon Cloud Player for Android. As you may have guessed, these let users store music in the cloud and play it from the web or an Android device. Users can upload any song to the Cloud Drive, and …

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Google Music – Critical for Google in Many Ways

A little over a month ago, Motorola Mobility CEO Sanjay Jha made comments implying that Google Music would be coming with Android Honeycomb. Google Music is being tested internally at Google, according to CNET, who cites “music industry sources”. These sources also said that the app described in this recent XDA Developers forum, when someone discovered it as they installed …

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MySpace Music, Songtrust Partner

MySpace, which has long enjoyed a reputation for being a good place for individuals to get familiar with different bands, may soon become even more useful to up-and-coming musicians.  MySpace Music has partnered with Songtrust in an effort to introduce better music publishing management services.

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Google Music in 2 Months?

"Google Music" is one of those legends that seems like it’s been around as long as Google itself (ok, maybe not quite that long). Rumors pop up from time to time, then they die back down a bit. Then they always come back. 

Right now, they’re in full force due to some comments made by Motorola Mobility CEO Sanjay Jha at Mobile World Congress. Guardian quotes him:

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Who Will Survive In The New Networked Media Oceans?

Media companies used to exist in their own separate waters.  The newspaper industry was the newspaper industry.  TV was TV and so on and so forth.  Each of these unconnected territories had a few super-predators that were top of their respective food chains, untroubled by the small fry.

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New Radiohead Album “The King of Limbs” Marks Band’s 2nd Web-First Release

Radiohead announced that its new album, "The King of Limbs" will be released on the web this Saturday – February 19. This is the second time the band has gone web-first with an album release. 

In 2007, Radiohead released "In Rainbows," allowing fans to pay whatever they wanted for downloads of the album. Radiohead will try a different strategy this time – simply charging a set price $9.00 for MP3s and $14.00 for WAVs).

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Slacker Preps On-Demand Launch, Raises $3 Million in Funding

Slacker has raised $3 million in debt funding according to a SEC filing. This adds to the growing number of music startups that have gained additional funds in 2011. While Slacker is known more commonly as a rival to Pandora in the coming months, they will be taking MOG, Rdio, Rhapsody, and Thumbplay Music head-on in the subscription music service sector.

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Sonos Controller For Android Debuts

People who happen to own both Sonos multi-room music systems and Android phones are in for treat.  Today, Sonos announced an app called the Sonos Controller for Android, and it’ll grant individuals precise control over the different system components.

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Should There Be an iPod Tax?

The largest performers union in Canada is attempting to place a tax on iPods.

A quick search of the TechDirt database reveals that one organization or another has been attempting to achieve this for awhile now.

So this is nothing new, but still worth revisiting.

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When Will We See Google Music?

Depending on who you ask, Google Music is either weeks or months away from launching.

A report from Businessweek suggests that the launch may come as soon as next month.

Whereas CNET says we’re months, rather than weeks, away. So, what’s the hold up here?

Business Insider has a new theory.

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Who Will Be the Apple of Streaming Music?

Since April, Rhapsody has gained over 100,000 net new subscribers. The total number is upwards of 750,000. The company estimates that there are around 1.5 million US music subscribers, which means that it has captured around half of the market. While mobile has helped fuel their growth, Rhapsody is also speaking with cable television companies.

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RIAA Wants to Work with ICANN To Keep .Music Domains Piracy Free

The RIAA is lowering its horns and taking the .music initiative head-on. Even though the .music domain extension hasn’t seen the light of day yet, the RIAA is already challenging ICANN to ensure that, if approved, this top-level domain won’t be used to encourage music piracy.

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MySpace Introduces New Tools For Musicians

MySpace has introduced new tools to help musicians better promote and mangage their music.

MySpace has partnered with marketing platform Reverbnation and will offer its FanReach email marketing tool to all musicians with a profile. FanReach allows artists to communicate with others both on MySpace and via targeted email campaigns.

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MySpace Lets Celebrities “HiJack” its Site to Attract Users

MySpace introduced what it’s referring to as "MySpace Hijacks" today. This is where curation of featured content on the site is taken over by celebrities, as if they had "hijacked" the site to bombard you with stuff they like. 

"On the heels of the newly redesigned Myspace, Hijacks is one of many content-focused initiatives supporting Myspace’s mission to provide the best social entertainment experience possible for the Gen Y audience," MySpace’s Laurie Spindler tells WebProNews.

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Cast Your Vote For The YouTube Symphony Orchestra

YouTube has narrowed down finalists for its second YouTube Symphony Orchestra 2011 to be held at the Sydney Opera House and is calling on users to vote on the best musicians.

Users can vote on the remaining 336 finalist from 46 countries over the next seven days to determine who will be going to the Sydney Opera House from March 14-20 to perform for a global audience.


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Google To Roll Out Changes to Copyright Handling

Google is making some significant changes to how it handles copyright infringement complaints and piracy that will go into effect over the next several months.

Google says it will act on reliable copyright takedown requests within 24 hours, will prevent terms that are closely associated with piracy from appearing in its Autocomplete feature, will improve its AdSense anti-piracy review, and will experiment to make authorized preview content more readily available in search results. 

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Billboard to Track Artists’ Popularity On Facebook And Twitter

Billboard has introduced a new chart offering called the “Social 50,” which ranks the most popular artists on social networking sites.

The Social 50 chart will track artists’ popularity using a formula blending weekly additions of friends/fans/followers along with weekly artist page views and song plays on MySpace, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and iLike. Data from these sites is gathered and provided to Billboard by social music tracking service Next Big Sound.  


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Are Bing’s New “Artist Pages” for Music Search Ready for Prime Time?

Microsoft has released new "artist pages" for Bing. When you search for a musician or band, it should bring up one of these pages directly on Bing, including things like an artist bio, genre information, a list of playable song samples, discography, videos, news, tour dates, web results, etc. 

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Will Music Marketing Be Hurt By Facebook Messaging?

 Yesterday, Facebook announced their own "modern messaging system" that combines email, text messaging, and instant messages into a single stream that founder Mark Zuckerberg says goes well "beyond email".  The new service, which will debut Monday with an iPhone app and roll out over the next few months, mimics the behavior of teens who are already abandoning conventional email to converse across multiple platforms in s

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YouTube Honors John Lennon For 70th Birthday

 Yoko Ono and EMI Music have partnered with YouTube for worldwide tributes honoring John Lennon to mark his 70th birthday (October 9).

YouTube will honor John Lennon with a homepage spotlight starting at 9pm PT on Friday, October 8th and staying active for 24 hours. The spotlight will include a personal video from Yoko Ono, asking people around the world to submit videotaped tributes to John Lennon.


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URFilez Takes Music Service “Where iTunes & Pandora Fear to Tread”

New York-based URFilez has developed an MP3 service, launching today in Bahrain, saying this is "where iTunes & Pandora fear to tread". The company says it has content from all four major record labels (Sony, Warner, Universal and EMI). The company has also announced a partnership with Bahrain telco giant, Betelco to offer MP3, on-demand streaming and perssonalized radio mobile apps for BlackBerry, iPhone and Android users. 

mSpot Android App Gets 500,000 Downloads in Two Months

mSpot announced today that the Android app for its streaming music service has been downloaded 500,000 times.This is fairly impressive as the app has only been out for two months.

If you’re unfamiliar with mSpot, it lets you upload your music files to store in the cloud, and stream them from your computer or mobile device. 

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Google’s Music Strategy Revealed?

Very interesting article from Billboard today. Apparently Google is circulating a proposal among major record labels regarding forthcoming music service. The proposal provides clues as to what we can likely expect. 

Billboard’s Ed Christman says the service would include an a la carte digital download store, as well as a subscription-based cloud-based locker. He cites "industry sources", reporting: 

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Amazon Acquires Amie Street Music Startup

Amazon has acquired music startup Amie Street, which the company actually helped fund. Unfortunately for Amie Street users, the service will be shut down.

Amie Street has an interesting business model, which lets musicians upload music, which starts out free to users. The more downloads the songs get, the more the price goes up (up to a $1). Interesting as it may be, it apparently didn’t work. 

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Apple’s Ping Draws a Great Deal of Criticism

Apple’s Ping social network, which the company launched as part of the new iTunes 10, has drawn a big mix of excitement and criticism. While most seem to agree that the concept beind Ping is a pretty good idea (social network-meets-music-buying) it’s not exactly the seamless experience one might hope for.

Let’s take a look at some points made around the Blogosphere.

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Google Plans To Launch New Music Service

Google is planning to launch a mobile music download service that would allow users to access songs wherever they have access to an Internet connection.

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MusOpen Uses Diaspora Model to Set Classical Music Rights Free

You may have heard about Diaspora, a Kickstarter project that aims to be an open replacement for Facebook users that don’t like Facebook’s dealings with privacy.

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Google, Facebook and Boxee Respond to Apple

Update 2: Swisher reports that Facebook blocked API access to Ping after failing to strike an agreement with Apple, so Apple removed the feature after launch. She credits "sources familiar with Facebook’s platform" with this information. 

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Music Still Leads In iTunes Purchases

Almost all iPhone or iPod touch users have downloaded a free app, but 82 percent have actually made a music purchase from iTunes, according to a new survey from NPD.

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Google Pushes Chrome With Arcade Fire Experiment

Music lovers and sentimental types who have been hesitant to try out Chrome now have a somewhat compelling reason to do so.  Google, Arcade Fire, and director Chris Milk have teamed up to create an experience that combines one of the band’s new songs with images of the viewer’s childhood home and bits of video.

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Vevo iPhone App Launches with a Bang – Over a Million Downloads in a Week

Last week, Vevo launched its mobile app for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Today, the company announced that the app has already been downloaded over a million times.

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Pandora Improves Its Music Discoverability

Pandora announced today that it is giving users the ability to launch genre-based Internet radio stations.  While Pandora is known for the creation of personalized stations, based on artists or songs, this gives users the opportunity to listen to broader stations, while remaining in their musical comfort zone.

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Lollapalooza Turns to Facebook Via Mobile Apps to Connect Fans

Lollapalooza gets underway today for the weekend, and its promoters are using Facebook to get fans connected with one another. "This year, the Lollapalooza team is using Facebook to solve one of the hardest problems people face at music festivals – finding your friends. As people are drawn to different parts of the festival and often get separated, cell phone service gets hindered as thousands of people in close proximity try to call their friends," a representative for Facebook tells WebProNews.

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Pandora Puts Privacy Settings Front and Center

Pandora has updated its site to make it easier for users to find and adjust their privacy settings. Given that Pandora was a launch partner for Facebook’s Open Graph initiative, which set off a huge wave of privacy concerns, this is probably a good idea, if not a bit late.

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Court Ruling Raises Fair Use Questions Around DRM

Elecronista reports that a new court ruling could set a legal precedent to allow the bypassing of DRM for fair use purposes. "The decision could impact the media industry as it may allow breaking DRM for music, movies and other formats as long as the material isn’t pirated," says Electronista.

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YouTube Launches New Version of Music Page

YouTube has launched a revamped version of its Music page, following in the footsteps of its shows and movies pages. The new page showcases the most viewed music videos, as well as special promotions, curated playlists, and unsigned talent.

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Pandora Reaches 60 Million User Milestone

Facebook isn’t the only one announcing impressive milestones today. Pandora announced at the New Music Seminar that it has 60 million registered users. That’s not exactly Facebook’s 500 million, but pretty impressive nonetheless.

It wasn’t that long ago that Pandora’s obituary was all but written, but things are looking bright for the company now.

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YouTube Hosting Q&A With Katy Perry

YouTube said today it is hosting an event that will allow fans of singer-songwriter Katy Perry, to ask the artists questions.

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MySpace Upgrades Global Music Offerings

MySpace users all over the world should have a much easier time discovering music thanks to some new changes.  This afternoon, MySpace overhauled its approach to playlists, eliminating (or at least cutting back) limitations that might have affected the way people shared songs.

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YouTube Users Have a New Selection of Music to License for Videos

YouTube has announced its support of a site called FriendlyMusic from RumbleFish. The site lets YouTube users purchase a lifetime license to edit songs into their videos.

A user can find pre-cleared music for YouTube on the site, then purchase an mp3, and use it in videos.

In a post on the Official YouTube Blog, the company says:

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Limewire Looking To Be Put Out Of Business By Music Publishers

bers of the National Music Publishers’ Association (NMPA) have filed a massive copyright infringement lawsuit against LimeWire.

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MySpace Music Needs To Keep User Interest

"MySpace Music profiles remain the simplest, fastest way to check out a new band", argues Ray Padget on Mashable. That’s a matter of opinion, but there’s no denying that MySpace is still a powerful player in the music space. So the big question may really be, can MySpace Music survive the wider MySpace decline?

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DOJ To Probe Apple’s Music Dominance

The U.S. Department of Justice is in the early stages of an investigation into how Apple runs its digital music business, according to several reports. While the probe is broad in scope, reportedly of particular interest to the Feds are alleged heavy handed tactics used against labels that participated in Amazon’s Daily Deal promotion, which Hypebot reported in early March.

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Pandora Bringing Music Stream To Facebook

Pandora and Facebook will be deeply integrated according to an announcement at the F8 Developer Conference today.  using Facebook’s new Open Graph protocol, Pandora  will stream music directly onto the social networker from bands that fans have "liked” using Facebook buttons placed on other web sites. Users can also see what kind of music their friends are "liking" as well.

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Facebook and Pandora Get Integrated

Watching Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s keynote at F8 today, Pandora was used as one of the prime examples of the social network’s freshly announced "Open Graph", or as I like to call it – Facebook’s overtaking of the web. When Facebook users use Pandora, they can "like" bands or songs, and that will be fully integrated to their Facebook experience as well.

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MySpace Introduces Ticketing & Event Service

How does MySpace plan to stop the outward flow of traffic to Facebook and Twitter. Apparently,  by connecting with them and an ongoing series of launches rather than a single splashy makeover.

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AT&T Launches New Music App

AT&T has launched a new music application that combines a number of different apps into one multifaceted application.

The AT&T Music application is available on three feature phones including the LG Xenon, Samsung Solstice and Samsung Impression. The company said it plans to make the service available as a download on additional handsets soon and will being preloading it on devices this summer.

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Spotify on the Future of Music Delivery

I sat in on the Future of Music Delivery Keynote interview with Spotify CEO Daniel Ek and author Eliot Van Buskirk on the last day of SXSW Interactive. Buskirk’s covered the digital media industry for ten years in various publications. This keynote was not nearly as crowded as the Evan Williams one was at the beginning, but definitely kept a lot more people hanging around through its entirety.

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Problem With The iPad’s First Ad

Pre-sales for the iPad begin next week and the first orders will start shipping in weeks. So it grabbed my intention when Apple aired its first ads for the iPad during the Academy Awards and the only sign of music was a millisecond long flash of an old Doors album cover.

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Google Deletes Blogger Posts

Update: This article is nearly a year old, but pretty much the same thing is happening again (or still). A number of popular music blogs have been removed from Blogger, some are saying without warning. When we covered this before, Blogger Product Manager Rick Klau left us the following comment (as seen in the comments section):

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Google Rumored to Be Eyeing Possible iTunes Competitor

Rumor has it that Google is eyeing Beverly Hills-based CatchMedia as another possibility in a string of acquisitions. CatchMedia is a company that is focused on creating a "Play Anywhere" system, which lets consumers use their music/media content collection and services wherever they want, regardless of the device they’re using.

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MySpace Tests Audio Ads With TargetSpot

For most people, listening to music online is terribly convenient, and the occasional audio ad shouldn’t represent a deal breaker.  MySpace may be making a smart move, then, as it’s begun testing 30-second ads with help from an Internet radio advertising company called TargetSpot.

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Yahoo Music Gets Former Universal Exec As New Chief

The music industry is a big business; there must be hundreds of thousands of performers and managers in the world.  But there are just four major labels – Warner, EMI, Sony, and Universal – and so Yahoo seems to have made a rather significant hire by securing a former Universal exec as the head of Yahoo Music.

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HP Launches Music Service In Europe

Hewlett-Packard said today it is launching a subscription-based music service in Europe in partnership with Omnifone.

The service called MusicStation will be pre-loaded on 16 HP models across 10 European countries. The service will provide access to songs from all four major music labels and independent labels.

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Global Consumers Willing To Pay For Some Online Content

Many global consumers are willing to pay for some online content or are open to increased advertising, but attitudes vary greatly by geography, demographics and content type, according to a new survey by Nielsen.

Nielsen polled more than 27,000 consumers in 54 countries to determine attitudes about paying for online content and to gauge what types of content consumers were most likely to support financially.

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Will Google Phone Bring Spotify to the US?

Even if you haven’t used Spotify, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of it. The service’s description goes: "A world of music. Millions of songs on your computer, on your mobile and available offline. Brought to you ad free."

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MySpace Updates imeem Users on Playlists

Update: MySpace has sent an email around to imeem users giving them an update about playlists.

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Lime Wire’s Plans for Working with the Music Industry

Earlier this year, we spoke with Lime Wire CEO George Searle about the music industry and the company’s future, as it offers one of the most widely used file sharing services. Now we have engaged in a Q&A with Zeeshan Zaidi, who came to Lime Wire as the company’s Head of Global in July, with a background as a record label executive, a musician, and a lawyer.

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MySpace Music Launches In The UK

MySpace is continuing to make big strides on the music front.  Or more accurately, the social network has made a huge, across-the-Atlantic leap, as late yesterday, MySpace Music launched in the UK.

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MySpace Reaches Deal With Another Music Label

The "virtual fifth label" is now friends with MySpace.  Merlin, an organization that represents independent music companies, is supposed to have signed a deal with the social network that should nicely complement MySpace’s existing partnerships with EMI, Sony, Universal, and Warner.

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MySpace Launches New Music Charts

Today MySpace announced the beta launch of MySpace Music Charts. This is the social networks’ attempt at ranking musicians based on popularity.

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Hulu Gets Feet Wet in the Music Video Pool

Hulu and record label EMI have struck a deal, which will give the video content site some music videos, one area in which the site has lacked. Hulu fans shouldn’t get too excited about the site becoming a big music video destination just yet though.

The deal, according to the New York Times, is to give artists Norah Jones her own channel (which is already live), and over time, add more EMI artists. The Norah Jones channel has all of her music videos, concert footage, and interviews.

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iTunes Lets You See Previews Without the Download

Apple has launched iTunes Preview, which is a means of showing what music is available on iTunes right in the web browser. This seems like an incredibly obvious way to do it, and one that many have been waiting for way too long, but now if you want to look at the iTunes catalog, without having to install iTunes, you can do so.

You can’t listen to song previews without installing iTunes, but at least you can see what they have. You do still have to download iTunes to purchase music.

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Google’s Music Service In China Attracting Advertisers

Google’s music service in China hasn’t achieved much so far; no one should look for Google’s next quarterly financial report to say it’s brought in hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue or toppled Baidu.  But neither has it failed, and one person who’s close to the service recently indicated that it’s picking up steam.

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Why British Singer Matt Goss Likes Twittering with Fans

Do you know who Matt Goss is? If you’re an American, there’s a good chance that you don’t. Still, in some places, like his British homeland, he is a star. He’s sold 16 million records with his group Bros, which also featured his twin brother Luke. He’s been making records for about 20 years.

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Yahoo Challenges YouTube On Music Video Front

Watching music videos on YouTube can be an annoying process insofar as, when you search for an artist’s name or album’s title, you’re sure to be shown all sorts of unorganized results and amateurs’ covers.  But today, Yahoo tried to make sure no one has the same problem when using one of its services.

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Facebook, Foo Fighters To Pair Up Tonight

Call it "The Battle of the Bands and the Social Networks."  Following Weezer-MySpace and U2-YouTube match-ups in the past ten days, a third pairing will soon be added to the mix as a live Foo Fighters performance is scheduled to stream on Facebook this evening.

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Google Aims to Make Finding Music Easier

Google began rolling out its new music search feature late yesterday. The feature enables search results with links to audio previews of songs provided by MySpace (which just acquired iLike) or Lala, when a user searches for music-related queries like the name of a song, artist, or album. The results also include links to purchase full songs.

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MySpace Introduces New Music Features

MySpace is making a big push to reposition itself in the social networking space by introducing a number of new music offerings.

The social network has rolled out what it calls a new comprehensive MySpace Music Video experience, a MySpace Artist Dashboard, and the ability for users to now purchase music on iTunes.

"Artist Dashboard and Music Videos are an important step forward in our mission to define the future of how content is socialized on the Web," said Owen Van Natta, CEO of MySpace.

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Google Phone and Music Service Both on the Way?

Update: Peter Kafka at All Things Digital says Google is partnering with iLike and Lala on the music service, which is being called "OneBox." He writes:

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New Michael Jackson Song Hits Web

Talk about Michael Jackson took the web by storm after the King of Pop’s death, and it’s back again as a new (or previously unreleased, rather) song from him has been released on the web. The song is called "This is It," and it’s from the upcoming Jackson film of the same name.

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Hulu To Cover Music Festival, Include Facebook

If you’re in the mood to listen to music and have some time on your hands later today (or Saturday, Sunday, or Monday), Hulu is ready to help.  Performances from the Austin City Limits Music Festival will be streamed not only on Hulu itself, but on Facebook, too.

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MySpace Music Goes Down Under

Today MySpace announced the launch of MySpace Music in Australia and New Zealand. This release represents the first for MySpace Music outside of the United States.

The launch brings a new e-commerce partnership to MySpace Music with iTunes providing the music downloads locally, a MySpace spokesperson tells WebProNews. She also shares the following stats for the US version of MySpace Music:

Source: Nielsen Netview / August 2009

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Record Label Launched for YouTube Stars

A couple of guys have gotten together and started a record label for musicians who became popular on YouTube. The label is called DFTBA Records.

The label was started by Alan Lastufka, author of YouTube: An Insider’s Guide to Climbing the Charts and Hank Green of VlogBrothers. Now they have caught the attention of YouTube itself, which is promoting the duo’s endeavor on the company blog.

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Smashing Pumpkins Like Free Online Music Concept

Offering your album online for free seems to becoming quite a trend these days. The concept was pioneered by acts like Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails, and the latest group to jump on the bandwagon is Smashing Pumpkins.

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MySpace Stops Startling Users With Bad Music

In one particular way, MySpace has long been a dangerous place to visit: when browsing profiles with your speakers on, you never know if you’ll deafen yourself (and/or your coworkers) with death metal, or worse yet, expose everyone to emo.  Fortunately, MySpace has now fixed the problem. 

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The Relationship Between Teens And Music

A new UK Music research study highlights the complexity of consuming, copying and sharing of music between 14-24 year-olds.

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Streaming Music Turning Users Away From Piracy

UK Music fans are turning their backs file-sharing in favor of streaming and other ways of sharing music, especially amongst teens, according to the latest survey by The Leading Question and Music Ally of 1000 music fans:

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Massive Layoffs Await MySpace Employees

Layoff described by one source as ":massive" are coming to MySpace although there is no official word yet from the company.  MySpace shed 5% of its staff a year ago and laid of as many as 45 more last month. But these cuts will go far deeper, according to TechCrunch and could hit several hundred. Management will inevitably blame a tough economy and plummeting ad revenue, but declining traffic is the real culprit.

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MySpace’s New Music Feed

 Music helped build MySpace and the top ranking social networker is continuing the tradition.

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Financial Forecasts For Mobile Music

Despite the global recession, revenues from streamed mobile music services and full-track downloads are expected to exhibit strong growth over the next 5 years, according to a new report froCell - Marleym Juniper Research.

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MySpace Launches Music Competition For Unsigned Artists

MySpace has partnered with Toyota to launch a music competition for unsigned bands or solo artists to submit an original song for the chance to land a recording contract with MySpace Records.

The competition called "Rock the Space" runs today through July 1. Those interested in entering can visit Toyota’s MySpace Music profile for submission details and contest rules.

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Digital Downloads Coming To eBay, Live Nation, and Fairmont Hotels

 Perhaps if labels make it easier for fans to purchase, they will buy more music; or so the theory goes.  MySpace Music, imeem and Spotify are just a few of the sites adding buy buttons.  Now some new players who each already have millions of website visitors are entering the online music retailing game.


Echo Says Bye To Music Marketing

Music marketer Echo, which handles web sites, online communities, and digital marketing for such top tier artists as Kanye West, Keith Urban, Alicia Keys and Dierks Bentley will be winding down operations over the next 60 days. Ticketmaster bought Echo in March of 2007 for a reported $25 million, but found the Nashville based business unprofitable.

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YouTube and Universal Making a Music Video Site?

Update: YouTube has officially announced Vevo.

Original article 03/05: The number one video site in the US and the world’s largest music label are said to be cooking up a deal and a new service. YouTube and Universal Music Group are reportedly in talks to create a premium online music video service.

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YouTube Was Helping The Music Industry In The UK

Will PRS Dispute Hurt Sales?

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‘MySpace Local’ Helps Support Local Music

It’s been said that all politics is local and perhaps the same could be said for music. Not only do many fans love to support local music, but they want to know the best places to see it.  Bands too, want to know which are the best places to perform. But like a voter choosing between candidates, which one is for them?  Which choice are other members of their tribe supporting? 

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Online Music Listening Making Push, Downloads Falter

Teens age 13-17 bought 19% less music in 2008 than they did in ’07 according to a new NPD survey. CD purchases declined 26% and paid digital downloads fell 13% compared with the prior year. 32% of the teens who bought less digital music "expressed discontent" with the music available and 23% said that they already had enough music. 24% of teens said they had cut back all entertainment spending.

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Google Introduces Music Service In China

Google has partnered with the major record labels to launch a free online music service in China that is ad supported.

Initially the service will offer 350,000 songs from Warner Music, EMI, Sony Music Entertainment and 14 independent labels. The number of songs will increase to 1.1 million in the coming months, said Gary Chen, chief executive of Google’s partner

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Now That’s How You Sell Music

Even the music industry is aware of its unsustainable business model; the RIAA & co. is just trying to squeeze money out of the old system as long as possible. Luckily, indie artists are experimenting all the time, trying out new deals that don’t alienate and criminalize their biggest fans. Josh Freese, a drummer whose been playing for offbeat bands …

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YouTube Yanks Music Videos In The UK

YouTube has pulled thousands of music videos off its UK web site in a dispute over rates and reporting with British collection society PRS.

Read More Squashes Rumors Of Handing Data to RIAA

Richard JonesThere is a rumor going around that has given the RIAA data about its users following the leak of a new U2 album. According to Richard Jones of, this rumor is completely false.

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