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Kanye West Has Health Scare Hours Before Melbourne Concert

On September 10, hours before his Melbourne concert, rapper Kanye West was rushed to the hospital. West was sent to the emergency room at 2 PM after he had played basketball. He was reportedly suffering from an intense migraine. West’s …

Michael Vick Injured, Set for MRI Tomorrow

  For the majority of the first half of the Eagles-Giants game today, Michael Vick was definitely in his element. Dominating the Giants defense, Vick’s run game was able to pick up 79 yards on 7 carries, and he threw …

If You Ever Wanted To See An MRI Of Childbirth, Here’s Your Chance

Back in December, 2010, German scientists captured the first-ever MRI of live childbirth. It went down exactly how you think – a woman delivered a baby whilst encapsulated by an MRI machine. She was 24-years-old and was admitted to the …

Majority Of Kids Play Online Games

When it comes to what activities children do online 78 percent between the ages of 6-11 reported playing games in the last 30 days according to a survey from MRI.