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Michael Vick Injured, Set for MRI Tomorrow

  For the majority of the first half of the Eagles-Giants game today, Michael Vick was definitely in his element. Dominating the Giants defense, Vick’s run game was able to pick up 79 yards on 7 carries, and he threw …

If You Ever Wanted To See An MRI Of Childbirth, Here’s Your Chance

Back in December, 2010, German scientists captured the first-ever MRI of live childbirth. It went down exactly how you think – a woman delivered a baby whilst encapsulated by an MRI machine. She was 24-years-old and was admitted to the …

Majority Of Kids Play Online Games

When it comes to what activities children do online 78 percent between the ages of 6-11 reported playing games in the last 30 days according to a survey from MRI.