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Mozilla Celebrates Its 15th Anniversary With #Webstory

Mozilla, creators of the popular Firefox Web browser, turned 15-years-old on March 31. The non-profit looks to celebrate it in style as it looks back on what it, and the Web at large, has accomplished over the past 15 years. Mitchell Baker, Chair of the Mozilla Foundation, wrote a short post today explaining what spurred Mozilla to rethink the Web …

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Mozilla Thimble Makes Web Page Design Simple

If you’re reading this, that means that you consume the Web in some fashion. You read, watch and play with all sorts of neat things all over the Internet. Do you create the Web though? A lot less people do that because code is complicated. Mozilla has an answer and it might help turn the Web from a culture of …

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Mozilla Reveals its ‘Webmaker’ Education Initiative

Today Mozilla launched a new program it is calling “Mozilla Webmaker” to promote more widespread knowledge about how the internet works and how to help create it. Mozilla’s stated goal is to “help millions of people move from using the web to making the web.” It believes web coding should be considered as important as a core school subject. “The …

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