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Japan And Russia Announce Plans For Moon Base Japan And Russia Announce Plans For Moon Base
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While NASA was busy celebrating the successful launch of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, Russia and Japan were busy making a huge announcement that has the possibility to set off another space race. They announced that they want to start …

Moon Rock Chips Make It Back To NASA After 30+ Years

What a long strange trip it’s been for some moon rock chips. If they’re real, they’re part of a limited supply of about 842 pounds of rock collected by U.S. astronauts in six missions between Apollo 11 in 1969 and …

The Evolution Of The Moon, Courtesy Of NASA [VIDEO]
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Most of the time, the earth’s moon is just hanging up in the sky, glowing a marshmallow-blue glow while we terrestrials go about our slothing and cavorting and hungering and social networking and whatever else catches our easily led fancy. …

Russia Is Sending A Man To The Moon Russia Is Sending A Man To The Moon

Russia is sending a man to the moon after it has been fairly non-existent in the space program. They have taken a back seat ever since the United States sent a man to the moon in July of 1969. When …

China To Deploy Moon Rover In 2013 China To Deploy Moon Rover In 2013

China is set to launch their third lunar probe next year. The probe will be called the chang’e-3 and it will be the first probe to have legs so that it can land safely on the moon’s irregular surface. A …

‘Iron Sky’ Pits President Sarah Palin Against Nazi Invaders From Space [Updated] ‘Iron Sky’ Pits President Sarah Palin Against Nazi Invaders From Space [Updated]
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UPDATE: Per a comment from one of the co-producers with “Iron Sky,” it looks like American movie-goers will get to enjoy this flick after all. As Mark Overett stated in his comment, “Iron Sky is definitely coming to the USA! …

NASA GRAIL: Far Side Of The Moon NASA GRAIL: Far Side Of The Moon

The GRAIL mission consists of two spacecraft, GRAIL-A and GRAIL-B, which have been placed into orbit around the Moon. As the two GRAILs circle the moon, changes in topography (mountains and valleys) will create fluctuations in gravitational pull resulting in …

Watch The Lunar Eclipse with Google Earth
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A total eclipse of the moon occurs tonight and will be visible from South America and most of North America and you can use Google Earth Sky to find out when and where for your location.

Google’s Online Marketing Challenge

Google needs a Google contest page to track their list of contests both past and present all in one place. They use contests in different ways (to get work for free, to train future employees, and to expose more people to their products).

SMX: Effectively Leveraging Social Networking

Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter and others allow people to connect with others and foster networks of friends or colleagues.

Participate appropriately, and your company will find "friends" interested in what you have to say (and sell). Cross the line and the mob may turn on you and reject your message. In this session you’ll learn to network and participate in an acceptable and effective manner.

Moderator: Danny Sullivan, Editor-in-Chief, Search Engine Land

Google Moon Adds New Content From NASA

The Google Moon Web site now has new higher resolution lunar imagery and maps that include NASA multimedia content.

Google Mooning the Competition

It seems that rascal Google wants to Moon the competition.

No, Larry’s not about to press his bare behind against the Google jet’s windows, but instead the company is continuing its space exploration kick.

First up, Google has announced a $30 million prize package to any one that can land a “robotic rover on the moon and beam back a gigabyte of images and video to Earth,” says AP.

Google Moon Gets Major Updates
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When I think of incredible sights, a bunch of bumpy gray rock is not the first thing that comes to mind.  But toss in some astronauts and a few lunar rovers, and now we’re talking.  And now Google’s showing – an updated version of Google Moon has become available.

Google Funds Race To The Moon

Google and the X Prize Foundation announced today the Google Lunar X Prize, a contest for private companies to land a privately funded robotic rover on the moon.

SES – Mobile Search Site Creation and Optimization

The following is coverage of the Search Engine Strategies (SES) New York presentation called “Mobile Search Optimization” by Cindy Krum of Blue Moon Works, Gregory Markel, President of Infuse Creative LLC and Rachel Pasqua, Director of Mobile Marketing at iCrossing.

Google Gets Playful

It’s often refreshing to see a bit of goofiness at the corporate level, and Google, much more than some other companies, seems to have a good sense of humor. Philipp Lenssen collected photos of some Google-related gags, and posted them for all to see.

Shamelessly Obvious Headline Alert: Google Moons Earth

Launching a project after a whopping one week in development, Google announced its extension of Google Maps and Google Earth-Google Moon. The new feature comes on the anniversary of Apollo 11’s July 20, 1969 lunar landing and on the birthdays of two “moon baby” Google employees.

Japan Surrendering Moon To Robots

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency imagines a future where humanoid robots populate a lunar base in 2025.

Griffin Says NASA Moon Return Possible In 2015

Speaking at the biennial Paris Air Show, the new NASA administrator places the earliest moon return at ten years in the future.

NASA Boosts Faster Return To The Moon

Previously reported procedure to develop a replacement to the space shuttle gets a makeover from the agency’s new chief.

India Space Program Goes A Little Closer to The Moon

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) will send another rocket into space on May 5th 2005. At a time when NASA is dominating headlines, Indian pushes their program forward by two satellites into orbit.