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China Moon Landing: Jade Rabbit Reaches Moon’s Surface

China made history on Saturday by successfully landing its first unmanned spacecraft on the moon. The Chang’e-3  reached the moon at about 9.12 p.m Saturday and delivered “Yutu”, nicknamed “Jade Rabbit”. Yutu is a solar powered, six-wheeled robotic rover, equipped with at least four cameras and a number of  mechanical devices for sampling and analyzing the moon’s surface. On Saturday, Zheng Yong-Chun, …

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China Moon Landing, China’s First Lunar Rover Landing On The Moon

China is finally going to do something that the U.S. and Russia did 30 plus years ago, soft-land a rover on the moon. It looks as if it just might be successful. This rover, the Chang’e-3 also known by its nickname, “Jade Rabbit” is set to start exploring the moon on Sunday, giving China the recognition and credibility of a …

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James Blunt New Album, “Moon Landing” Streaming

It seems like James Blunt came out with his debut hit, “You’re Beautiful” and then then completely disappeared from the charts and music world entirely. While he’s made other albums, it seems the star hasn’t resonated with his fans quite like how he did with his original album. But good news because Blunt is back. His newest album doesn’t come …

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The Moon Landing Wasn’t Faked, But Here’s Another Reason Why

There are still people out there who believe that the 1969 Moon landing was a hoax, perpetrated by the U.S. government and that everyone involved has successfully kept that fact from being exposed and proven for over 40 years. If you believe this, feel free to express those feelings to Buzz Aldrin. Anyway, it’s garbage. But it’s always nice to …

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