Gmail on the Mobile Web Gets an iOS-Inspired Update

Gmail on the Mobile Web Gets an iOS-Inspired Update

By Josh Wolford March 11, 2013

Apparently, people likes the Gmail for iOS UI revamp os much that Google wanted to expand the new look to its mobile web app. “Since launching the rebooted Gmail app for iPhone and iPad in December, we’ve heard from many …

Google Ranks Countries With Fastest Internet Service Google Ranks Countries With Fastest Internet Service

Yesterday we brought you news that Google was planning to invest billions to improve internet speeds, particularly for mobile devices. As part of that effort, they compiled page load data for countries around the world and ranked them by speed. …

Google Offering Free GoMo Sites Google Offering Free GoMo Sites

Mobile internet usage doubled in the last year, and it has been recently reported that mobile news content has now surpassed desktop content. A recent study by Limelight networks has shown that up to 80% of customers that visit a …

Facebook’s Mobile Web used More than iOS/Android Combined Facebook’s Mobile Web used More than iOS/Android Combined

According to a recent report by Pando Daily, Facebook logs more active users on its mobile web app monthly than it does on its native Android and iOS apps combined. The featured graph, shown during a press meeting at the …

Eric Schmidt Speaks at Mobile World Congress 2012 Eric Schmidt Speaks at Mobile World Congress 2012

Executive Chairman of Google, Eric Schmidt spoke at the Mobile World Congress yesterday and he had some provoking things to say about where he sees the World going and the role he sees technology playing. His presentation began by introducing …

Do Your Android Apps Get A Lot of Use? Do Your Android Apps Get A Lot of Use?

It all depends on which Android apps we’re talking about, according to one of Nielsen’s latest studies. What they found, while focusing on Android use, that, while most users access mobile web content through applications, as opposed to simply using …

40 Million Reasons You Need a Mobile Web Presence

Opera is reporting that usage of its Opera Mini mobile browser has jumped 11% in just a month, around the world. In addition, they say data transfers have gained 16%.

Usage of Mobile Web and Apps Doubles in 2 Years
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According to AdMob, which claims it is the world’s largest mobile advertising platform, mobile web and application use has doubled over the past two years. In September, the firm received over 100 million ad requests from 14 countries, and over 10 million ad requests from 64 countries.

AdMob released its Mobile Metrics report for September, which highlights the rapid growth in usage of mobile web sites and apps on new devices in the past year.

WordPress Lets Bloggers Help Make the Mobile Web Better

WordPress has launched a couple of new mobile themes for bloggers who use WordPress.com. The themes are designed to display automatically when the blogger’s blog is accessed with a compatible mobile device.

Making moves to get blogs to display properly on mobile devices is a good move considering recent research, which found that consumers are generally not pleased with the way mobile web sites display.

Comparing Smartphone Market Share by Operating System
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AdMob has released its Mobile Metrics report for April, which compares market share of smartphones by operating system to market share of mobile web and application usage. The report also compares smartphone browsing of mobile web sites to smartphone browsing of HTML sites.

The firm determined that smartphones accounted for nearly 3 times more usage than their relative market share. With regards to usage of mobile sites and HTML sites on mobile devices, AdMob found relative usage of both to be highest on Apple and Android devices. 

Mobile Web Usage Indicators
Some interesting posts and discussion on the BBC Internet blog centered around Linux and how open source the BBC is with regard to its sites and its content.

What I found interesting are these stats included in Martin Bellam’s related post:

Mobile Social Network Users Few, Far Between

Social networking is here to stay, but a new M:Metrics study proves that mobile social networking is far from mainstream; in America, which leads the world in this respect, only around 3.5 percent of mobile users bother to access social networks with their cell phones.

Explosive Mobile Web Growth

Bango this week published statistics that confirm that the United States is at the forefront of a mobile web growth with a three-fold increase in usage over the last year. This rapid rise, taking the US to second position behind the UK, is being fuelled by the increasing popularity of mobile search as a way of finding new content and services.

EU More Likely To Access Mobile Web

Almost three-quarters of Americans who access the Internet via mobile phones do so by using one of the major online portals such as Google, Yahoo! or MSN, according to comScore. Percentage-wise, fewer Americans than Europeans are accessing the mobile Web at all.