Eric Schmidt Speaks at Mobile World Congress 2012

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Executive Chairman of Google, Eric Schmidt spoke at the Mobile World Congress yesterday and he had some provoking things to say about where he sees the World going and the role he sees technology playing. His presentation began by introducing Hugo Barra, director of Android products to demonstrate the Chrome app for Android.

Barra and Schmidt illustrate the case for Chrome's fast, clean, and simple design and speak about the importance for users to take everything they have on their computers with them via cloud technology. Quickly after the demonstration, Schmidt launched into his vision portion of the presentation.

Schmidt speak about the global technology revalution or what he called, "the future for the privileged few". He threw out information like, "for every one person online, two are not". His overarching point had to do with how technology changes our lives, but not only as individuals, as a society. He says, "the way we organize ourselves matters". Under the organization he has envisioned, technology disappears and becomes a "seamless" component of everyday life in society.

Essentially he seeks to convey his outlook for the future under the technology we currently enjoy. It was a very interesting presentation and I urge readers to view the video of it below:

I like a lot of what Schmidt has to say about society in the future and responsible use of technology, but he overlooks the negative role technology can take as we struggle to grow and evolve as a society. Overall an enjoyable presentation that gives me more respect for Google and their aspirations for the future.

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