Facebook: Mobile Could Impact Financial Performance

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There's no doubt more and more of us are going mobile with our internet browsing and it's a great thing because it means we can enjoy our favorite social and retail sites from anywhere, but for Facebook it could have a negative impact on their bottom line. You see, when you log onto the social platform via a mobile device you aren't going to be exposed to as much advertising.

This is actually a really cool thing for us, but advertising is what pays the bills and if those marketing efforts aren't successful on Facebook, advertisers will take their money elsewhere. In a recent amendment to their regulatory filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the california-based social giant cited mobile growth as a threat to their revenue earnings and overall financial health.

The answer is to meet the challenge head-on. Facebook needs to target mobile users in a way which distinguishes them from their counterparts and provides a unique opportunity for advertisers. It's a huge opportunity for growth rather than a detriment to their well-being.

CNBC reports that Facebook executives recently met with investors in Boston and New York who may have raised the mobile growth concern, and could be the reason for the update to the SEC filing. Now that the concern has been brought to their attention, I would bet we'll be seeing action soon.

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