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Mobile Video Viewing Continues to Grow Mobile Video Viewing Continues to Grow

With an increased focus on streaming media boxes, all-in-one entertainment devices, and smart TVs, tech manufacturers are now more focused on dominating the living room than ever before. The war may already have been lost, however, as it now appears …

It’s Official: Streaming Video Consumers Watching Less TV It’s Official: Streaming Video Consumers Watching Less TV
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Until recently, Nielsen’s data suggested that the heaviest media consumers were the heaviest across every type of media – streaming, mobile, standard TV, etc. Basically, that meant that if you watched a lot of streaming content online, then you also …

Mobile Video Booming In Europe

The number of people viewing video on mobile devices has increased 66 percent in the past year to 12.1 million mobile consumers in the EU5 (U.K., France, Germany, Spain and Italy), according to a new report from comScore.

The U.K. and Italy each have 2.7 million mobile video consumers, up 75 percent from July 2009 in the U.K. market and up 55 percent in the Italian market. Spain has the fastest growth, with mobile video consumption up 90 percent in the past year to 1.7 million subscribers.

TwitVid Delivers First Twitter Video Upload App for Blackberry
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TwitVid has just released what it calls "the first Twitter Video uploading application for the Blackberry." Blackberry-using Twitterers with a love for sharing video can now rejoice.

More Americans Watching Online And Mobile Video
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Watching video on television, online and mobile devices continues to increase and has reached new levels, according to Nielsen.

In its fourth quarter "A2/M2 Three Screen Report," Nielsen found that the average American watches 151 hours of TV per month, an all-time high. Americans who watch video over the Internet consume  another 3 hours of online video per month and those who use mobile video watch nearly 4 hours per month on mobile phones and other devices.

Americans Internet Usage Increases
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The U.S. usage of TV, Internet and mobile continues to increase, in the third quarter the average person who used the Internet was online 27 hours a month, mobile users spent three hours a month watching mobile video and TV viewers watch approximately 142 hours of TV in one month, according to Nielsen’s "A2/M2 Three Screen Report."

Americans Internet Usage Increases

Mobile Video Users To Double By 2010

Global sales of mobile video phones are estimated to more than double by 2010 compared to last year, according to a new report from Infonetics Research "Mobile Video Phones, Services, and Subscribers."

Sales of video phones will increase to around $125 billion by 2010 from close to $58 billion last year. The number of video subscribers is projected to increase from just a few million last year to 58.6 million in 2010.

Nielsen Expansion To Track Online Video

The Nielsen Company said today that it will triple the size of its National People Meter television ratings panel by 2011 and provide more flexibility for measuring non-traditional television viewing including online video and mobile video.

Mobile Video To Reach $17 Billion

The global market value for mobile video telephone services, including video mail, video calling and video sharing, will grow to more than $17 billion by 2012 from $1 billion in 2007, according to ABI Research’s "Mobile Video Communication Services" study.

That is a combined annual growth rate of 74 percent.

"The Web 2.0 phenomena and sites that allow posting of mobile video will increase demand for mobile video services," said Dan Shey, a principal analyst at ABI.

Mobile Video To Drive Growth

Mobile video and IPTV will drive growth in the telecom industry over the next year, according to a survey by Tellabs and Telephony magazine.