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Google Has New Advice For Mobile SEO Google Has New Advice For Mobile SEO

Google has been pushing its “GoMo” campaign for a while, trying to get sites set up for mobile success, but today, Google posted specific recommendations for smartphone-optimized sites on its Webmaster Central blog. Google says it supports the following configurations …

Google Makes Changes To Local Listings On Android, iOS Google Makes Changes To Local Listings On Android, iOS

Google has made some adjustments to local search results on Android and iOS devices. Users can now see an experience that more closely resembles that of the desktop experience. “I’ll admit it, I’m a bit of a picky eater,” writes …

Google Windows Phone App Gets New Features Google Windows Phone App Gets New Features
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Google announced a new update for its Google Search App for Windows 7.5 phones today. The new features are: autocomplete, voice search and “my location”. My Location, if you’re not familiar, is the feature that tells Google your location so …

Google Mobile Search Gets New Recent Icon Google Mobile Search Gets New Recent Icon
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Google announced the launch of a new local search featurew for mobile devices. There’s a new “recent” icon that appears on Google.com on Android devices and iPhones, which will show info about places you have recently searched for. You can …

Google Goggles Adds New Search From Camera Feature Google Goggles Adds New Search From Camera Feature
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Google has launched a new version of Google Goggles for Android, which will let you you know when you take pictures that Goggles can actually recognize. “With this new opt-in feature in Goggles, you can simply photograph an image using …

Verizon Does App Search on Android Phones, Taps Chomp Algorithm Verizon Does App Search on Android Phones, Taps Chomp Algorithm

Marni Walden, Verizon’s CMO, announced today that beginning this fall, all Verizon Android phones will ship with app search, courtesy of Chomp. “Verizon is the only carrier with an app store and the only carrier to make app discovery available …

Bing Adds Mall Maps to Mobile Search Bing Adds Mall Maps to Mobile Search

Bing has added mall maps and map search to Bing for Mobile. Microsoft’s search engine currently has over 400 shopping malls available in map form. “Venue maps are a great way to save time and frustration when planning your next …

Google Reports Widespread Smartphone Use Google Reports Widespread Smartphone Use
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You probably already know that people are using their smartphones quite frequently and for a growing number of activities.  Some figures have put the ownership of smartphones at 50% for people between the ages of 18-34. It is a bit …

Search Google For Just Businesses That Are Currently Open

Google has launched a feature for its iPhone and Android mobile search that lets you see results for only local businesses that are actually open at the time of the search. While this may not seem incredibly helpful during normal business hours, it marks a tremendous boost in relevancy for late night searches. 

Does Your Keyword Strategy Take Mobile Into Account?
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Google mobile search and Google search are two different animals and understanding more about both has become a necessary evil. Currently, the results returned when doing a search on a mobile device can vary greatly from those done on a desktop (SEORoundtable)

Blekko Goes Mobile with Android and iPhone Apps

Blekko has launched new mobile apps for iPhone and Android, which include the search engine’s /date functionality and the ability to mark search results as spam.

If you’re unfamiliar with Blekko, it launched late last year as a human-curated approach to search aimed at eliminating spam from search results by way of human editing. With the new app, users can also "slash in" what they want and "slash out" what they don’t want. 

Google Places with Hotpot App Released for iPhone

Google has launched Google Places with Hotpot for the iPhone. Given the iPhone’s pending availability to Verizon customers, this should provide a huge boost in use for Google’s recently launched local offering. Google Places with Hotpot has been available in Google Maps for Android, but now it’s a standalone iPhone app too. 

Google Goggles Gets An Upgrade
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Google has launched a new version of Google Goggles, the application that lets users point their phone’s camera at a variety of things and get search results by taking a picture. The new version, version 1.3, is faster and smarter, according to Google. It can scan barcodes "almost instantly," the company says. 

Top Searches Will Be Influenced By Changes in Search Habits, APIs
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Tired of top ten of 2010 lists yet? Me too. We’re 4 days into 2011 now. Enough is enough. Yahoo got the memo, as now it is looking back on the past decade in search beginning with 2001, and looking at how much has changed (and how much hasn’t). 

Google Aims to Prevent Losing Mobile Users to Bing on Windows Phone 7
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Google has launched a Google Search app for Windows Phone 7. The first Windows Phone 7 devices in the U.S. became available today.

While, we will no doubt see a flood of apps for the platform rush in, it is smart for Google to get theirs out there immediately, as Windows Phone 7 devices come with Bing as the default search option (via a hard key).

Milo Launches Useful Local Product Search Android App
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Milo.com announced a new Android app today for local shopping. The company claims this is the only app available in the Android Market that will search the inventory systems of local stores in real-time and tell shoppers (while they’re on the go) what’s currently in stock , where, and which local stores have the best prices. 

Google Talks Hyperlocal Mobile Ads

Google has hyperlocal search ads for mobile search, which the company has highlighted today in a post on tis Mobile Ads blog. Google specifically discusses a use-case from Rent-A-Car. 

In the scenario described, someone has car trouble and is able to quickly find a nearby car rental place from the side of the road as they simply enter "car rental". 

Can Bing Win More Search Market Share Through iPhone and Android?

I’ve written several times about Bing’s chances of increasing search market share through various avenues. While nobody expects Bing to overthrow King Google anytime soon, those chances are pretty good.

One of the keys I’ve repeatedly referred to, is the launch of Windows Phone 7, which will make Bing the default search option. If these devices take off, they could help push Bing’s share tremendously (not to mention the company’s deals with Yahoo and Facebook).

Android Users Can Launch Google Places As Its Own App

Google has released Google Maps for mobile version 4.4, and this comes with a new dedicated "Places" icon designed to make it easier to find nearby places with updated Place Pages.

The icon appears on Android-powered devices in the app launcher along with all of the other apps. This way you can go right to Places from the homescreen if you choose to add it.

Google Director Challenges Jobs On Mobile Search
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It doesn’t look like the rift between Apple and Google is going to heal anytime soon, at least where the mobile market is concerned.  Today at the paidContent Mobile Conference, one relatively high-ranking Googler used the word "bullshit" to describe Steve Jobs’s ideas about mobile search, and also hinted at taking on iAds.

Mobile Version of Bing Gets New Features
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Microsoft announced that Bing has upgraded the mobile version of its search engine for high-end smartphones. Supported devices include: Windows phones, iPhones, Android, Palm, Kin, and Zune HD devices.

We’re talking about the site at m.bing.com – not Bing’s mobile apps, just to be clear. New features include:

• The Home page now features the Bing image of the day