Bing Updates Its iOS, Android Apps


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One of the best things about Bing is how its homepage is updated with a new picture every day. One day, you have an image of a polar bear frolicking in the snow and next you have an interactive haunted house that references all the best horror films of the past four decades. Now Bing is bringing its constantly changing homepage to mobile.

Bing announced today that its mobile apps for Android, iPhone and iPad have been updated with an option to make the daily Bing homepage image your lockscreen image. As it does on Bing, the lockscreen image would change everyday with Bing.

So, how do you use this feature? On Android, it's quite simple really. All you have to do is hit the arrow button at the bottom of the screen. Here's what it looks like:

Bing Updates Its Android, iOS Apps

If you want to do the same on iOS, it's a little more complicated. First, you'll need to sign into your Microsoft account. From there, tap the same button that you see above. This will walk through the process of setting up your SkyDrive folder to save the images for later use. Finally, go to settings -> Wallpapers & Brightness -> Choose Wallpaper to set the saved image as your background.

While an update focused solely on images would certainly be worth of an entire blog post, Bing wants you to know that it's also added a new sync feature. When using the Bing app, you can now sync your bookmarks and saved images to your Microsoft ID. This will allow you to access said bookmarks and images across any of the Bing apps on Android and iOS.

You can grab the new Bing app today for Android, iPad and iPhone.

[Image: Google Play]