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Yahoo! Axis Seeks to Redefine Search and Web Browsing

Yahoo! today announced the launch of Yahoo! Axis, its new mobile browser and desktop plug-in. The software hopes to redefine how users search and browse the web with “visual” search interaction and by syncing web browsing between multiple devices. Axis is now available as an app for iOS devices and as a plug-in or add-on for HTML 5 desktop browsers. …

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Twitter Updates Its Mobile Website

Twitter announced today that it is updating its mobile website. The updates are to make the website more consistent across various mobile phones and browsers. The changes to Twitter brought about last December will now be available to those using feature phones, low-bandwidth networks, and older browsers. The announcement was made by Satya Patel, Twitter vice president of product, over …

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Google Explains Its Responsive Webpage Design

Though Google realizes that multiple versions of a website can help tailor that site for display on a specific device, Google uses a different approach for displaying websites on a wide variety of devices. Instead of having separate websites for PC’s, iPhones, Androids, feature phones, etc., Google uses dynamic page shaping they call responsive design to make sure their web …

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