Twitter Updates Its Mobile Website

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Twitter announced today that it is updating its mobile website. The updates are to make the website more consistent across various mobile phones and browsers. The changes to Twitter brought about last December will now be available to those using feature phones, low-bandwidth networks, and older browsers.

The announcement was made by Satya Patel, Twitter vice president of product, over on the Twitter blog. Patel detailed some of the changes coming to feature phone tweeters:

In this updated version of, you can see all the Tweets from the accounts you follow in the Home tab and check your @mentions in the Connect tab. You can see what’s trending in the Discover tab, and access your direct messages and Tweets in the Me tab.

Patel also stated that, similar to the iPhone and Android Twitter websites, the new mobile Twitter will be faster than its previous iteration. Also, the site will use one-third less bandwidth than before. All of these changes to Twitter's mobile web site will begin rolling out today.

It makes sense that Twitter is actively supporting feature phones and simple, low-signal devices. Smartphones have not yet dominated the industry completely: feature phones are still a large portion of the cell phone market. Of course, the parts of the world where Twitter can most be an effective communication tool are the same parts where feature phone use is most widespread.

Do you access Twitter from a feature phone? If so, how well does it work? Leave a comment below and let us know.