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Cross-Screen Ads on TVs, Mobile Devices Increase Ad Potency Cross-Screen Ads on TVs, Mobile Devices Increase Ad Potency

People who grow up with mobile technology might not be able to pay attention to anybody else or anything for a sustained amount of time, but there’s certainly one thing they’re noticing when they’re juggling between electronic devices: ads. A …

Samsung Has A Mobile Ad Platform To Compete With Google, Apple Samsung Has A Mobile Ad Platform To Compete With Google, Apple

Samsung’s throwing its hat into the ring of mobile advertising and has announced that it’s partnering with OpenX Technologies, a prominent digital advertising firm. By partnering with OpenX, Samsung’s new AdHub Market looks to develop an ad exchange that will …

Mobile Ads Don’t Motivate Americans To Make Purchases Mobile Ads Don’t Motivate Americans To Make Purchases

According to the latest research from Nielsen, American consumers were least likely to make purchases online after viewing mobile ads. Only 20 percent of Americans owning smartphones made purchases on after seeing an ad. As a comparison, In German, 34 …

LinkedIn Mobile Ads On The Way LinkedIn Mobile Ads On The Way

Facebook isn’t the only social network looking to better monetize its mobile users. LinkedIn said in its earnings call on Thursday, it will be launching ads in its mobile apps in the future, though it’s not clear just how near …

Google Reports Widespread Smartphone Use Google Reports Widespread Smartphone Use
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You probably already know that people are using their smartphones quite frequently and for a growing number of activities.  Some figures have put the ownership of smartphones at 50% for people between the ages of 18-34. It is a bit …

6 Verticals See Triple-Digit Growth in Mobile Advertising

Millennial Media has released its latest monthly SMART report, looking at the mobile advertising landscape. The report looks at the top verticals (six of which had triple digit growth YoY).

Google Lets Advertisers Use Seller Ratings Extensions in Mobile Ads
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Google announced that its extending its Seller Ratings extensions for AdWords ads to mobile. These let advertisers show users when they have positive ratings, which can of course inspire clicks. 

Google Talks Hyperlocal Mobile Ads

Google has hyperlocal search ads for mobile search, which the company has highlighted today in a post on tis Mobile Ads blog. Google specifically discusses a use-case from Rent-A-Car. 

In the scenario described, someone has car trouble and is able to quickly find a nearby car rental place from the side of the road as they simply enter "car rental". 

Google Has New Mobile Ad Formats
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Mobile advertising will continue to play a major role in Google’s revenue going forward. While the jury is still out, so to speak, on the proposed acquisition of AdMob, Google has been placing a great deal of emphasis here at Google I/O on the fact that it already knows a thing or two about advertising.

In fact, AdMob really hasn’t come up a whole lot in the discussions that I’ve been witness to. But that hasn’t stopped Google from talking about various mobile ad formats its offers. A portion of a lengthy keynote delivered Thursday morning was devoted to this.

Apple Acquiring AdMob Competitor Quattro Wireless

Update: The acquisition has been confirmed, and competitor AdMob issued the following statement:

"We believe that Apple’s proposed acquisition of Quattro serves as yet another validation of the vibrant mobile advertising industry and can help accelerate the pace of innovation and competition in this space."

Usage of Mobile Web and Apps Doubles in 2 Years
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According to AdMob, which claims it is the world’s largest mobile advertising platform, mobile web and application use has doubled over the past two years. In September, the firm received over 100 million ad requests from 14 countries, and over 10 million ad requests from 64 countries.

AdMob released its Mobile Metrics report for September, which highlights the rapid growth in usage of mobile web sites and apps on new devices in the past year.

Consumers Want Nothing to Do with Mobile Ads?
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Just on the heels of survey results from Compete indicating that many smartphone owners are open to targeted ads, Chitika has shared some findings of a study that suggests mobile users are "extremely ad-wary."

Online And Mobile Ad Spending Reached $29 Billion In 2007

U.S. spending on online and mobile advertising increased to $29.9 billion in 2007, according to PQ Media’s "Alternative Media Forecast: 2008-2012" report.

The firm said 18 digital and non-traditional media segments, accounted for 16.1 percent of total advertising and marketing spending in 2007, up from 7.9 percent in 2002.

Mobile Ads Grabbing Attention

One in three U.S. mobile users or 78 million people have seen or heard advertising on their phones within the last three months, according to the Mobile Advertising Report, a survey from Limbo and Gfk/NOP Research.

Will Consumers Accept Mobile Ads?
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Harris Interactive, a market research company has announced the results of new research into consumer acceptance of mobile phone advertisements. The research looked at current levels of consumer interest in mobile phone advertisements, preferred advertising methods and the willingness of consumers to be profiled.