Samsung Has A Mobile Ad Platform To Compete With Google, Apple

Samsung’s throwing its hat into the ring of mobile advertising and has announced that it’s partnering with OpenX Technologies, a prominent digital advertising firm. By partnering with OpenX, Samsung’s new AdHub Market looks to develop an ad exchange that will be specific to businesses wishing to advertise smartphones and tablets, though don’t be surprised if this also doesn’t eventually include web-enabled televisions.

Of course, Samsung AdHub Market will be directly competing with Apple and Google in the advertising arena. In the case of Google, I imagine Samsung’s foray into advertising on mobile devices – and Samsung makes many devices powered by Google’s Android platform – could twist a kink or two into the company’s relationship with Google.

This mobile-specific ad strategy is the first of its kind but that a company has realized the potential value in targeting the mobile market isn’t exactly a surprise given how the mobile market is growing so rapidly. Samsung described the strategy as such:

The new exchange enables advertisers worldwide to purchase mobile inventory from mobile developers and Samsung Electronics within a closed marketplace environment, allowing easy targeting of desired audiences. By offering Real-Time Bidding capabilities, the exchange enables application developers to maximize their ad revenue by selling their inventory to buyers who compete for each impression in a real-time auction with a minimum floor price. Additionally, the private exchange offers developers superior levels of control, including the ability to approve all demand sources, in order to maintain the high quality of ads.

It was only earlier this year that Samsung formally launched its AdHub for SmartTV advertising. By partnering with OpenX, Samsung is stretching their advertising umbrella to cover smartphones and tablets.

“Samsung is empowering both the developer and the advertiser by creating a win-win solution in which the app developer is able to achieve higher revenues and advertisers are able to reach their marketing goals,” said Daniel Park, Vice President of Samsung’s Media Solution Center. “To this extent, we believe Real-Time Bidding can play an important role in motivating all players and we’re delighted to partner with OpenX and use its excellent technology as the foundation for it.”

Tim Cadogan, CEO of OpenX, added enthusiasm to his company’s new deal with Samsung and added, “The partnership will provide advertisers with access to a new pool of high quality mobile inventory at scale. Helping both publishers and advertisers maximize the value of online advertising regardless of the device on which it is displayed is core to our mission at OpenX.”

[Via 9to5Google via WSJ.]

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