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Nintendo 3DS Updated With Miiverse, Nintendo Network

Since its launch, one of the defining features of the Wii U has been Miiverse. It’s like a mini social network where players can post messages about the games they’re playing and have civilized discussions on just how funky a barn can be. Now Nintendo is finally bringing that experience to its handheld. Nintendo announced this morning that Miiverse is …

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Nintendo Announces Verified Accounts For Miiverse

Nintendo created what was essentially Twitter for gaming with its Miiverse application on the Wii U. Since launch, it has become one of the most loved features on the console. Now Nintendo is making Miiverse more like Twitter. During its Nintendo Direct presentation this morning, Nintendo announced verified accounts for Miiverse. Much like verified accounts for Twitter, these are accounts …

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Wii U Owner Accidentally Gains Access To Miiverse Debug Page

The Wii U launched yesterday, and there’s already reports of problems. A large day one update has been bricking some consoles after the system was turned off during the update. Those kind of problems are commonplace, but the Wii U reportedly succumbed to an entirely different problem for a few hours yesterday. Trike, a member of gaming forum NeoGAF, reported …

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