Nintendo Announces Verified Accounts For Miiverse

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Nintendo created what was essentially Twitter for gaming with its Miiverse application on the Wii U. Since launch, it has become one of the most loved features on the console. Now Nintendo is making Miiverse more like Twitter.

During its Nintendo Direct presentation this morning, Nintendo announced verified accounts for Miiverse. Much like verified accounts for Twitter, these are accounts reserved for public figures and developers. Unlike Twitter, however, these verified accounts have special powers that are exclusive to them on Miiverse.

Beyond having a special green mark attached to the profile, verified accounts can insert links to Web sites in their Miiverse posts. They can also embed YouTube videos that show off speed runs or other game related content.

So, how will this actually work? One example was how the director of New Super Mario Bros. U could embed YouTube videos of speed runs. He could use this to challenge players directly. They can also use it to interact with players and ask their opinion of the games.

A lot of game developers already use Twitter and Facebook to interact directly with fans, but Miiverse could be a little more special. There's just something awesome about interacting with your game's fans right from the game's Miiverse community.

Verified accounts will be available in the Spring as part of the first major firmware update to the Wii U.

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