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Pastor Defrocked Over Officating Son’s Gay Marriage
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In 2007, Methodist pastor Frank Schaefer made the decision to officiate his son’s gay marriage in Massachussets. It was one of the rare locations in the United States where gay marriage was legal at the time. Schaefer thought of it …

Methodist Pastor Suspended After Conviction
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We reported here a few days ago about United Methodist Church pastor Reverend Frank Schaefer’s trial on charges of performing a same-sex marriage ceremony for his own son. The pastor was awaiting a church jury’s decision at that time. Since …

Methodist Pastor Convicted of Gay Marriage Ceremony
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When United Methodist Church Reverend Frank Scaheffer’s son, Tim, came to him at the age of 17 and revealed that he was gay, the pastor and his wife had to make a decision. Tim told them that he had considered …